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Tim McGraw Doesn’t Quite Understand His New Movie ‘Tomorrowland’

When Tim McGraw isn’t releasing albums and touring the country, he’s working on his acting chops.


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Mayor of Portland, Maine Wants to Help Tim McGraw Find Portland, Maine

We suggest you get a lobster roll while you’re there, McGraw.


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Tim McGraw’s Brand New Album Arrives Today!!

While Tim McGraw has officially unveiled his new album, “Sundown Heaven Town,” to the public today, a very select group of folks got a full-fledged peek at a private event in Franklin, Tennessee on Sunday […]

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–09/16/2014

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Impact: For Tim McGraw, New Album ‘Sundown Heaven Town’ Is ‘a Great Landscape’ Full of ‘Different Colors and Textures’

With his new album “Sundown Heaven Town” hitting stores on Sept. 16, Tim McGraw is our Impact artist this week.


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Tim McGraw Drives Toward Album Release with New Single ‘Shotgun Rider’

Three weeks ahead of his new studio album, McGraw releases “Shotgun Rider,” a new single with a cool, confident melody.


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How Many Black Hats Does Tim McGraw Have? [Podcast]

Tim McGraw is known for his trademark black cowboy hat, so you might think he has a whole collection of them he rotates, but Tim says, “I don’t have a lot. I try to stick with one for a long time.” Tim explains here why a good hat is hard to find….

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–08/26/2014

Faster Horses Festival 2014

Football Means Junk Food For Tim McGraw

We all know Tim McGraw’s in great shape, thanks to his spread earlier this year in “Men’s Health,” but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the occasional junk food now and again. But, Tim explains, […]

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–08/19/2014

Tim McGraw (Rick Diamond/Getty Images for the Delta Country Jam)

Tim McGraw is ‘Sick of Me’ in New Song: Listen

Tim McGraw adds a self-deprecating note to his repertoire with his newest song.


Red Carpet Kiss 2005

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Get All ‘Touchy-Feely’ With Onstage PDA! [VIDEO]

Don’t believe all the stuff you may have read in the rag magazines about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill having a marriage on the rocks! Check out this video of this ‘old married couple’ getting all ‘touchy-feely’ onstage while performing “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s”….

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–08/08/2014

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Tim McGraw’s ‘Softer Side’ Due To Houseful Of Girls!

Tim McGraw is a guy’s guy who likes guy things, but he says, “There’s a side of yourself that you don’t get to discover, unless you live in a house with three daughters and a wife. It brings a softness, I think, and it certainly brings a perspective.” Listen here as Tim explains….

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–07/30/2014



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