Denny's New Mascot Isn't Exactly A Grand SlamThe restaurant chain's new mascot is being described as a "turd in a fedora."
A Special Father's Day Meal!
Is Trace Adkins Nude Again?!While I love everything about Twitter. I just find it weird when celebrities get a little too personal. Surprisingly, Trace Adkins is one of those people. Not only has he Tweeted a picture of himself with an open hospital gown, and a picture of his sausage. But Trace just Tweeted out a picture of him singing in the nude!
Wanna See Trace Adkins' Sausage?Trace Adkins in a jack of all trades. And I already know what you're thinkin', so get your mind out of the gutter! Not only is he a country megastar, but he's an actor as well. And now he's getting into the sausage business!

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