Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler Loves Spring Yardwork & Uses Old School ‘Push Mower’ [Podcast]

What you see is what you get with Kellie Pickler, and she is as real and genuine as she seems. Like the rest of us, she actually works outside in the yard and says she LOVES spring, pulling weeds and mowing her own grass too. And get this….she says she still uses the old school ‘push mower!’ Edwards & Lee also found a few surprising things during a ‘rapid fire’ question portion of their interview with Kellie that you can hear right here in the unedited podcast interveiw!

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Kacey Musgraves with E&L

Inside The Creative Mind Of ‘Spacey’ Kacey Musgraves [Podcast Interview]

While Kacey Musgaves tells Edwards & Lee that her nickname is ‘Spacey Kacey’ because “she can be a space cadet at times,” we think she is far more focused than spacey for sure! Musgraves credits her grandparents for supporting her literally and emotionally in her musical career and says that she has full control of her artistic vision that has already lead to among other accolades, a GRAMMY, and ACM Award for Album Of The Year for her debut effort “Same Trailer, Different Park!” Get inside the creative mind of this talented singer/songwriter for just a few minutes with this unedited interview right here!

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Relationship Problems? Blame It On Twitter!

Bad news if you love to tweet – it may be wrecking your relationship. We know that Facebook use can lead to romantic conflicts, so researchers wanted to find out if other types of social media strain relationships, too. And it appears that Twitter does place a strain on relationships too. But there is something you can consider doing instead of quitting entirely, that might really help repair a relationship in trouble, due to social media.

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Martina McBride with E&L

Martina McBride’s “Everlasting” Hits #1 On Country Charts! [Podcast Interview]

When Martina McBride decided to record a new album of classic cover songs, I think she should have included ole’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” because that is exactly what she did with her brand new CD “Everlasting!” And to those who may have thought: “What is she thinking recording non-country songs?” HA-HA! She was crazy like a fox whose latest CD shot right up to the #1 spot on the country charts too! Check out the track listing and Edwards & Lee’s recent interview with the lovely songbird right here…

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Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Optimism & Pessimism Both Biological?

Do you struggle to look on the bright side of life? If so, the next time someone tells you to cheer up, you can tell them it’s not your fault you’re grumpy.
Scientists have discovered that the ability to stay positive when times get tough may be hardwired in the brain. Do you think this is true, that you were born ‘optimistic’ or ‘pessimistic?’

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Big Kenny (L) and John Rich of Big & Rich

WYCD Hoedown Artists Big & Rich Feed Off Energy Of Detroit Fans! [Interview]

There have been many ‘memorable moments’ from our WYCD Downtown Hoedown’s in years past, but one that sticks out most in my mind was back in I believe 2006 when Big & Rich took the stage and brought out Kid Rock to kick it up even a notch further! John Rich & Big Kenny tell Edwards & Lee that when they return this year on Sunday June 1st, they plan to ‘shred it’ and listen here as they explain how they seriously feed off the ‘special energy’ of their Detroit fans!

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Time To Clean Out Your Closet?

If you have a shameful amount of clothing gathering dust in your closet, take heart – you’re not alone. According to a new survey of women aged 18 and over, the average woman owns $550 of unworn clothing. So how many things in your closet still have the tags on them, and is it time to clean out the closet?

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Kip Moore with E&L

Kip Moore Changes It Up With Latest Single “Dirt Road”

Kip Moore likes to change it up when it comes to his music, and his new album will be completely different than his debut Up All Night. Moore’s new single “Dirt Road” is about his […]


'Princess' Priscilla

Do Your Treat Your Pet Like A ‘Human’ Family Member?

You might think of cats and dogs as merely faithful companions but research shows that we are starting to treat them more and more like humans.I’m not gonna lie, I treat my three dogs like ‘family’ and they really are like my ‘furry kids!’ I used to dress them up for Halloween, mostly to see the joyful reaction the kiddies who were trick-or-treating, but I could tell that Priscilla pictured here in her Princess costume hated it, so I stopped doing it!

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Jerrod Neimann with E&L

Jerrod Niemann Wishes He Could ‘Cut & Paste’ Detroit Fans In Every Audience! [Interview]

Congrats in order to Jerrod Neimann with his latest single “Drink To That All Night” hitting No. 1 this week on Billboard’s country airplay chart! Jerrod says he is looking forward to returning to the Royal Oak Music Theater on April 26th and explained to Edwards & Lee why his Detroit fans are truly the best. Listen to Neimann describe why “he wishes he could ‘cut & paste an audience” like Detroiter’s at every show!

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