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Brad Paisley Celebrates ‘Moonshine’ With Celebration Plus Revenge! [Podcast Interview]

As Brad Paisley continues to celebrate yesterday’s release of his very cool new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, he took a few minutes out of his super busy schedule to tell Edwards & Lee that while he celebrates his new CD release, here is why he also has revenge on his mind!! Since Brad needed a little help to exact his revenge on the president of his record label, as longtime friends and fans of of this amazing singer & musician, Chuck and Linda were more than happy to help Paisley with his ‘get even scheme!’ Find out what’s up and listen to our entire unedited interview here..

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How Many Black Hats Does Tim McGraw Have? [Podcast]

Tim McGraw is known for his trademark black cowboy hat, so you might think he has a whole collection of them he rotates, but Tim says, “I don’t have a lot. I try to stick with one for a long time.” Tim explains here why a good hat is hard to find….

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Cutoff Ages For Tattoos, Bikini’s & Baseball Caps!

I think most of us agree that there should be some thought put into ‘age and body type appropriate’ clothing, as Edwards & Lee and I have joked in the past: Anyone over 50 should not be wearing skin tight spandex with “Juicy” splashed across a double wide rear end! But what is the cutoff age for tattoos, bikinis and even baseball caps? Have you been worried you are too old for a tattoo? A new survey says these are ‘cutoff ages’ for tats, bikini’s and even baseball hats!

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Justin Moore

Why Does Justin Moore Hate Karaoke? Find Out Here!

Some artists have been known to show up in a karaoke bar with friends and get on stage just for fun, but Justin Moore, who just released “Home Sweet Home” off the upcoming Motley Crue tribute album, says he is not one of those guys. In fact he says, “I hate karaoke.” Listen to Justin tell us in his own words why we will never see him singing karaoke in some little pub…

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Jake Owen Happy With “What We Ain’t Got” [Podcast]

Jake Owen is riding a tidal wave of success in his life and career right now! Happily married with a beautiful wife and adorable little girl Pearl, what more could a guy ask for! Jake tells us that he is anxious for us all to hear his new single called “What We Ain’t Got,” because he says it’s a 3 minute reminder to count your blessings and be happy what you do have, instead of always striving for MORE.

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Restaurant To Implement “No-Tech Tuesday”

If you hate eating out and having to listen to loud telephone conversations from the next table, Applebee’s wants to set aside one day a week for quiet dining as they will soon be implementing “No Tech Tuesdays”. I personally think this is a cool idea…what do you think?

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Taylor Swift Gives Scoop To Jimmy Fallon & Plays Along In ‘Ew!’ Skit [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift has a lot of big news and she spilled the beans on some of it during her guest appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon! Swift told Fallon that she will be performing at the 2014 VMAs, and says f her fans want to know when she will be releasing a new album….don’t miss here upcoming live stream event on Yahoo on August 18th at 5pm EST! Get all the details and watch the Fallon & Swift together in his always funny “Ew!” video skit here….

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Auto Brakes Can Even Prevent A Speeding Ticket!

Even the best drivers occasionally press their foot a little too hard on the gas pedal. But the engineers at Hyundai have come up with a way to save speeders from their own bad habits, introducing a a new system that not only alerts the driver to hidden speed cameras, but will automatically slow the vehicle down to avoid a ticket!! I definitely have a bit of a lead foot and need this in my car for sure!

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Faster Horses Festival 2014

Another Sexual Assault: This Time At Local Country Concert

Just a couple of weeks ago in Boston, a woman was assaulted at a Keith Urban concert, and now several news sources are reporting that a 25-year-old woman who was separated from her friends recently at a local country concert was the victim of a sexual assault too…

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