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Meet Maddie & Tae! New Duo With Debut Single “Girl In A Country Song” [Podcast]

Maddie & Tae, whose debut single, “Girl in a Country Song,” was just released to radio, recently visited our WYCD studio to treat listeners to a special private showcase and were a HUGE hit! These two young and beautiful girls say they were instant friends who clicked from the moment they first met. Listen to the girls describe one another here…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–07/23/2014

Faster Horses Festival 2014

How Does Tim McGraw Feel About Growing Older? [Podcast]

Some people and it seems men especially, dread turning 50, as that is what is considered a persons ‘halfway point’ in life expectancy! But Tim McGraw just turned 47 this year and now just a few years shy of the ‘big 5-oh’ says he doesn’t mind getting older…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–07/22/2014

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Thomas Rhett Says What Really Thinks About Miranda Lambert! [Podcast]

Thomas Rhett is definitely a rising star, the son of 80′s country star Rhett Akins who grew up with a Dad who was a successful country artist in his own right. Now that Rhett has toured on his own with some of the biggest names in country music, he has a few things to say about the feisty Ms. Miranda Lambert! Listen to what he has to say about Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore here…

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‘Old Fashioned’ Fun Works Best To Keep Kids Occupied!

Forget the iPad, new research says you’d be better off giving your children Play-Doh to keep them entertained on a plane, according to new research. A social experiment found that old-fashioned fun is all you need to keep children happy in-flight – contrary to popular belief. Here a whole list of other old-fashioned toys that have proven to keep children happy and occupied and also stimulate their minds with creativity!

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Doggie adoption

‘Almost Home’ 3-Day Adoption Event This Weekend In Southfield!

Almost Home Animal Rescue League of Southfield is hosting a super special, 3-day adoption event this weekend, July 18th-20th in Southfield! Your new ‘best friend’ might be waiting for YOU here at this “”No Kill Shelter. These loveable animals are deserve a ‘forever home’ with a loving family! Details here…

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Billy Currington Explains Why He Is Not As ‘Social’ As Other Country Stars

Billy Currington is a super friendly and down-to-earth guy, and Edwards & Lee have developed a true and mutual friendship over the years. So this news comes as no surprise to us, that Billy is not as active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as his management team would like him to be. Like everything else in Billy’s life these days, he just does ‘what he wants, when he wants’ and is much happier as a result!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–07/16/2014

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Abandoned On A Plane!

It would be totally understandable for someone like Dierks Bentley to be forgetful after getting ‘Drunk On A Plane,” but many completely sober people have forgotten personal items after a flight when departing the airplane. Have you ever had that heart-thumping moment when you realized you left something on the plane? If so, you’re not alone.

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‘Top 5 Rules’ For Wedding Gift Giving

It’s an important question for many wedding attendees: How much to spend on your friend’s, cousin’s, co-worker’s nuptials? You don’t want to look cheap, but you don’t want to go over budget either. So here are a few wedding gift etiquette rules from TheKnot.com…

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Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert Says He’s ‘Keeping It Real’ Writing New Songs [Podcast]

Brantley Gilbert admits that he only knows how to write songs about his life and things he’s lived through and can relate to. While his current single, “Small Town Throwdown” is about the fun, light-hearted side of his life, he does admit that some songs can get a little more intense and personal. But that is because he is keeping it real….

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–07/14/2014

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The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

Here’s another reason to stick it with your spouse through better or worse, sickness & health! Research found that couples who stay married into their 70s can look forward to an even better time together.The number one reason couples are even happier together when they get older?

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