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Big And Rich Use The Force On ‘Hillbilly Jedi’

Big and Rich are back with their first new album in 4 years! The album called Hillbilly Jedi has their new smash “That’s Why I Pray.” A lot has happened in the last four years […]


Big & Rich (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Jon Bon Jovi Plays Key Role In Big & Rich’s ‘Hillbilly Jedi’ Album And Title

You may be surprised to know what all goes into coming up with a title for a new album, and what it takes to get approval for said title, as Big & Rich explained in […]


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George Lucas Chats About Star Wars In 3D!

This Friday, February 10, my inner nerd will come out.  George Lucas and his expert staff put a ton of time into editing the Star Wars franchise into a 3D movie.  With a lot of […]