Downtown Hoedown

(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Slowmo Video From The Downtown Hoedown

We had an amazing time at the Downtown Hoedown with Dierks Bentley, Tyler Farr, and The Band Perry! One of the booths at the Hoedown had a slowmo camera and filmed a lot of crazy moments

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/09/2014

Grunwald dresses up for Dierks Bentley

Grunwald Dresses In Drag For Dierks Bentley’s ‘Drunk On A Plane’

Grunwald called Lovers Lane corporate offices and asked if they had a plus size costume for him. They got him the costume, along with a wig and thigh high stockings.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/04/2014

99.5 WYCD presents the 2014 Downtown Hoedown on the grounds of Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit on May 30st, May 31st, and June 1st 2014 (Photo by WYCD Promotions / 99.5 WYCD)

Downtown Hoedown Recap: ‘We Had So Much Fun!’

Nearly everyone on stage took time to pay homage to the musically storied city they were in, whether it was Love And Theft doing a rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” or Drake White proclaiming he loved the “indomitable spirit of Detroit.”

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/02/2014

Getty Images: Ethan Miller

Downtown Hoedown: The Band Perry Reveals Their Sibling Roles

Turns out, Reid was the smart one, Neil’s the nerdy one — don’t get him started on “Lord of the Rings”or Harry Potter or hobbit holes — and Kimberly, well, she appears to be the troublemaker.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

Big Kenny (L) and John Rich of Big & Rich

Clown Pants! Big & Rich Show Detroit Love, Bring The Party To Downtown Hoedown

“It’s a hardworking town with a lot of very soulful people, and people we all identify with,” Rich said. “It’s a town that takes a licking and keeps on ticking…I would think country music means something to people here, even more than other towns, because of what it’s talking about and the way it just rallies people together.”

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

(Photo: WYCD)

Downtown Hoedown: Lindsay Ell Never Leaves The House Without Her Guitar

She added she doesn’t have a boyfriend, so her guitar fills a special space in her heart.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

99.5 WYCD Downtown Hoedown 30 at Comerica Park in Detroit on Sunday, June 10th 2012 (Photo By Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Downtown Hoedown: Craig Campbell On The Inspiration For ‘Keep Them Kisses Coming’

“It just reminded me of me and my wife,” Campbell said.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

Josh Thompson

Downtown Hoedown: Josh Thompson Doesn’t Miss His Ponytail

“No, I think other people took it harder than I did,” he said, adding, “My hair can’t sing at all, so I think it’ll be all right.”

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

(Photo: Steve Wiseman/WYCD)

LIVE Through Social Media: Downtown Hoedown 2014

Join in the fun all weekend by following #downtownhoedown on Twitter.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–06/01/2014

Steve Wiseman/WYCD

Downtown Hoedown: Tyler Farr Has An Awesome Year

“That’s the goal, but you don’t really factor that in when you start off, you just sing and write music because you love it, and that’s what we do, and now to have a No. 1, that’s kind of surreal, it honestly is,” Farr said.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–05/31/2014



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