Brad Paisley Cow Project

Lisa Rose/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Five Things We Learned About Brad Paisley During His Web Chat

Brad loves to travel, going to eight countries for the “Southern Comfort Zone” video shoot. And his favorite color is…well, not a real color.


Brad Paisley and Steve Grunwald

Brad Paisley Says WYCD’s Steve Grunwald Epitomizes ‘Southern Comfort Zone’

Country superstar, Brad Paisley debuted his new video for “Southern Comfort Zone” followed by a Q & A from fans in a LIVE chat session. During the chat, he gives praise to Detroit’s Dr. Don Morning Show producer and co-host, Steve Grunwald.


Nairobi store

Nairobi Vendor Doesn’t Know About The Black Market, But Sure Knows Drake & Eminem

During his recent travels to Africa for the Brad Paisley Cow Project, 99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald takes a walk on the streets of Nairobi in a quest to see if someone would be willing to […]


Lunch Nairobi Style

Brad Paisley Cow Project: Lunch, Nairobi Style [Video]

99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald takes us to the streets of Nairobi during lunchtime and gives us a “sweet” taste of lunch ‘Nairobi style’ during his trek on the Brad Paisley Cow Project in Africa this […]


‘Brad Paisley’ in Africa

Brad Paisley Cow Project: A Special Thank You

This was a fun, exhausting, challenging, crazy trip of a lifetime. There are not that many people you meet in life who have a funny sense of humor and are just all around a great […]


(Photos by Steve Grunwald and Josh Chadwick/99.5 WYCD)

The Journey Through Africa For Brad Paisley Cow Project [Photos]

We started in Detroit, Michigan on a journey through Amsterdam to Nairobi and then a drive to the Ambesoli plains overlooking Africa’s highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Our mission, to deliver a cow to the Masai […]


Steve Grunwald with Masai Women (Photo by Josh Chadwick/99.5 WYCD)

Steve Grunwald Talks With Masai About Prospective New Bride(s)!

Steve talks with his Masai friend James about taking a new bride and interviews two prospects.  Would they come back to the U.S. and marry him? Watch the video to find out!


Steve Grunwald and Guard at entrance to Amboseli Game Reserve (Photo by Josh Chadwick/99.5 WYCD)

Brad Paisley Would Love This ‘Southern Comfort Zone!’

After a whirlwind trip on behalf of Brad Paisley to deliver a cow to the Masai tribe, we are almost ready to say goodbye to the Amboseli Game Preserve and make the long journey back […]


(Photos by Josh Chadwick & Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD)

This Isn’t The Zoo, ‘Beware Of The Elephants!’

I woke up this morning feeling much better after the long days I’ve been having. The place I am staying has no phones, no TV, no electricity, and only hot water from a tank on […]


Steve Grunwald with Masai tribe in Africa (Photo by Roberto Boschian/CBS Radio)

Grunwald Talks With Masai Tribesman: Reunited At Last or Woe of Love Lost?

99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald speaks with tribesman James about his Masai bride of 2007.  She still loves him, “but” –  watch the video and you’ll learn a little more about Grunwald’s fate and the African […]