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Small Town Community Mourns After Historical ‘Unadilla General Store’ Burns To The Ground

This historical gem of a landmark in Livingston County actually survived a devastating tornado way back in 1918, one of only 2 buildings that were left standing in Unadilla Township. But yesterday a tragic fire encased The Unadilla General Store, and when it was all over there was nothing left except charred ashes. But within the ashes lies decades of memories for this small town and many surrounding areas in this lake community, including the Bruin Lake State Park located just around the corner.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/28/2015

Carrie Underwood Has Lots Of Practice With Her ‘Fur-Babies!’

While Carrie Underwood is a soon-to-be mom, she’s already had a little practice being a mom to her beloved ‘fur-babies,’ Ace and Penny! The pair has earned a bit of celebrity in their own right, appearing in some of Carrie’s work — and they even have their own Twitter page! Check out her adorable little ‘fur-babies’ here too!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/27/2015

OMG! This Dog’s Got Talent! [FUNNY VIDEO]

Of course I think that my three dogs are the smartest and funniest little dogs on earth, but after watching this video maybe I need to work on some new tricks with my mini-dog pack! Jaxson is a 4-year-old German Shepherd who seems to enjoy my favorite dance club song as much as I do!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/27/2015

Garth Brooks Says Touring With Trisha Yearwood Makes Him Better! [LISTEN]

When two singers like Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are married, it might seem like a natural thing to go out on tour together. It makes sense if they want to spend time together versus apart and it country fans seem to like it too! But Garth tells us here that he had other reasons for wanting his world tour special guest to be his fabulous missus…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/26/2015

Keeping Spending Secrets From Your Partner?

Keeping secrets from your partner is a slippery slope, and as someone once told me ‘if the truth does not come out in the wash, it will in the rinse!’ If you’ve ever hidden a purchase from your spouse, you’re not alone. If you have done this and maybe the ‘guilt’ is bothering you, misery loves company so check out how many other people admit to hiding expensive purchases from their significant other…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/26/2015

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Tells Jimmy Fallon His New ‘Whisper Challenge’ Is Stupid! [WATCH]

Maybe Jimmy Fallon should think more carefully about his guest that night, when he decides to debut a ‘new game’ on his Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! When Fallon asked Blake Shelton to play his new game called the ‘Whisper Challenge’ with him, of course Blake was willing to give it a try! But it did not go as well as Jimmy hoped when Blake flat out told him that his game was STUPID! But it was funny to watch…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/23/2015

Best Way To Avoid IRS Audit?

You now have less than three months to prepare your 2014 tax return for the Internal Revenue Service. Doing taxes is a chore, and the the word “audit” sends shivers down some people’s spines. Besides being honest and not cheating on your taxes, here’s the best way to avoid an IRS audit!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/23/2015

Brantley Gilbert Says “You Never Forget Your First!” [LISTEN]

You never do forget your first. First love, first car and just imagine what it would be like if you were a singer hearing yourself on the radio for the first time! Brantley Gilbert tells us here how he still remembers precisely where he was and what he was doing the first time he heard himself on the radio, and what a rush that was!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/22/2015

It’s Easier To Get Healthy Together!

Don’t go it alone! Couples who decide to get healthy together are more likely to be successful. Researchers found people are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their spouse makes positive changes too. I just heard the most powerful statement last night that sums up how ‘working together’ with someone will take you much further than going alone…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/22/2015

Chase Rice Brings Sexy Back With “Gonna Wanna Tonight!” New Music VIDEO

There is no denying that Chase Rice is one of the hottest artists in country music right now! Ladies, you might want to sit next to a fan while you watch Chase’s new music video for “Gonna Wanna Tonight” because he definitely turns up the heat and brings sexy back with his seductive new video!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/22/2015

More Than 50% Of Hard-Working Americans Have Never Asked For A Raise!

Someone once told me that “people don’t get what they deserve, they get what they negotiate!” This means if you believe that you should be making more money at your current job, you need to ASK for a raise, not just wait until one is offered. Worse yet, don’t sit back and become disgruntled. If you are thinking about asking for a raise, timing is everything. Here is some good advice on how to get what you truly deserve when it comes to your paycheck!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/21/2015

Big Game ‘Party People’ Are Hilariously Stereotypical Here! [VIDEO]

We Americans just love to party! Just give us a reason and we will eat, drink and maybe be just a little too merry! We have a Big Game party at our house every year, and the people at Dude Perfect have created a hilarious video depicting the ‘stereotypical’ party people who just might be coming to your house this year too!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/20/2015

Top 10 ‘Best Jobs In 2015!’

If you’re looking for a new job this year, make sure it’s a good one. U.S. News & World report crunched the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers and uncovered which jobs are the best based on salary, stress, hiring demand, growth and work-life balance. This is pretty good information for college students who are trying to decide on a major too!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/20/2015

Everybody Has A ‘Gift’ And Miranda Lambert Says Hers Is Writing & Singing!

It’s so true that everybody is ‘born with a gift,’ something that makes us each unique and special in some way! We all have different gifts and it’s pretty cool when we discover and utilize these God-given gifts that can make us all shine like bright stars, even if we’re not rich and famous! Miranda Lambert tells us here that she discovered her ‘gift of singing and songwriting’ early on and it was the one thing that really did come easy for her!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/19/2015

Ladies Spend Almost 2 Years Keeping ‘Perfect Image’ For Their Man!

We all have insecurities and of course we always put our best foot forward, especially in a new relationship! But would you guess that the average woman doesn’t feel comfortable about her appearance until she is married AND been with her husband for almost 2 full years?

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/19/2015

This Slimmed-Down Cougar Now Wants To Make Out With Justin Bieber!

Cougar Alert! This aging actress has become more well known for her yo-yo weight issues, than the TV series that made her famous! She has also starred in many well-known movies and John Travolta is one of her best friends. She has been the target of paparazzi who have delighted in getting the best ‘fat shot’ that have been plastered on the cover of every rag magazine out there. Now that she has slimmed down once again, she admits that she would like to make-out with Justin Bieber, or marry Harry Styles! Guess who?

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/16/2015

A Handwritten ‘Thank You’ Is Not Thing Of The Past!

There a lot of things that have completely changed due to technology. But make no mistake, the handwritten ‘thank you’ note or card not not become a thing o the past. If you still haven’t written a thank you note for a gift you got last month, you’ve broken one of the rules of thank-you note etiquette already. But there’s still opportunity to redeem yourself — but it’s not by email, text or even phone.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/16/2015

Miranda Lambert Loves Her ‘Little Red Wagon!’

While Miranda Lambert is an amazing songwriter in her own right, she also recognizes a GREAT song when she hears it! When Lambert finally heard “Little Red Wagon,” she felt this was a perfect song for her, and just knew it would be a great song to perform onstage too! So like a real-life P.I. she went to work to talk to the actual songwriter in person ans ask permission to record the song and include it on her Platinum CD!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/15/2015

Restaurant Bans Tips: Pays Servers $35K Plus Benefits Instead!

As a former server at many different restaurants over the years, I think this is actually a great idea! A Pittsburgh restaurant’s policy change has made tips a thing of the past. Starting in April, Bar Marco will stop accepting tips and start paying its full-time servers $35,000 a year, plus benefits. Having a guaranteed income would definitely be a bonus and make life much easier for hard working servers, who don’t always earn the tips that they must claim and be taxed on whether they get 15-20% tip on a restaurant check or not!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/15/2015

Wedding Themes & Trends for 2015

If engagements lit up your Facebook feed throughout the holiday season, you may be preparing for a year full of wonderful weddings. And this year could very well be the year of ‘Theme Weddings’ and lots of other ‘one-of-a-kind’ experiences for the bride & groom and all their guests too! Check out the wedding trends for 2015 here…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/14/2015

Eric Paslay

OMG! Eric Paslay Will Surely Hit #1 With the BEST Heartfelt Country Song in a Long Time! [LISTEN]

I’ve been in country radio for over 20 years and when I first heard this song last week, I stopped dead in my tracks and just LISTENED! And WOW! I was just blown away and I am now predicting that Eric Paslay has written a #1 song that will be one of those songs that goes down in country music history as one of the BEST heartfelt country ballads of all time. If you too are a country music connoisseur and have not heard “She Don’t Love You” (She’s Just Lonely), you simply MUST listen right now and tell me if you agree!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/14/2015

Any Celeb Dead Or Alive: Maddie & Tae Would Want Advice From These Two Successful Women!

Maddie & Tae have taken the world of country music by storm….they are the pretty girls who refuse to be the “Girl In A Country Song” and be disrespected and ‘just sit there and look pretty!’ These spunky young ladies were recently asked, what celebrity, dead or alive would they want to sit down and talk to if given the chance. No surprise, they both selected strong, successful women who succeeded early on in a ‘man’s world!’

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/13/2015

A ‘Selfie Obsession’ Is Not Good!

Wile most people take an occasional ‘selfie,’ for those who are obsessed with taking pics of themselves, there may be some underlying issues. If you have a friend who is addicted to selfies, maybe it won’t come as a surprise that they tend to be narcissistic, impulsive and display other characteristics, such as a lack of empathy. Even more disturbing….

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/13/2015

Is Katy Perry Really Calling Taylor Swift ‘Creepy?’

Rumor has it that these two female pop stars do not get along, to say the least. While Taylor Swift has never revealed ‘who’ she is talking about in her pop single, “Bad Blood,” she has confirmed that is is about a fellow female artist. And now that Katy Perry is slated to perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime – and we hear that Katy is set to perform a new song called ‘She’s So Creepy.’ Rumor has it – get this – that it might be about America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/12/2015

Look At All The Time You Wasted Doing This Stuff!

We’ve all heard the statistics about how much of our lives are spent doing mundane things, like watching TV or eating. For example, based on an average life expectancy of 74.3 years, do you really want to know literally, how much time you’ll waste in your life? Find out here…

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/12/2015

Kenny Chesney Say’s “Til It’s Gone” Is A Special Message to His Fans! [Podcast]

He’s definitely baaack! Kenny Chesney has another huge hit on his hands with his current smash, the song “Til It’s Gone.” It’s from his album The Big Revival — a project that prompted Kenny to take a year off from touring just to focus on the music. And Kenny says that “Til It’s Gone” is a song that’s very much a reflection of the kind of message that he wanted to be able to share with his fans.

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/09/2015

‘Cray-Cray’ Words To Banish In 2015!

Lake Superior State University has been banishing words for 40 years. The tradition began its fifth decade in 2015 and they banish words for Mis-use, over-use and what they call ‘general uselessness!’ Here are some of what was bugging word-watchers over the past year, they they would like banish from our vocabulary in 2015!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/09/2015

The One Phone Feature You Can’t Live Without?

Our phones are no longer used to just make a phone call, or text. They have become our new ‘right hand’ where we can virtually do just about anything with just a phone! It’s gotten to the point where we really do not even need to have a computer anymore, or a camera, or a video camera. The tiny little smart phones most of us have today do it all! If you had to give up all but one feature available on your smart phone, what’s the one feature you simply cannot live without?

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/08/2015

OMG! Will Detroit Be Next City To Ban ‘Sledding?’

This is simply so ridiculous, hard to believe this is even a true story, but it is! More cities are jumping on the bandwagon like Dubuque, Iowa, which has now outlawed sledding it in all but two of 50 parks, due to ‘liability concerns.’ Seriously…banning kids from sledding in the winter? Say it ain’t so!

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/08/2015

Miranda Lambert Busy ‘Pinning’ What She Loves Most On Pinterest!

Miranda Lambert has now joined the exciting world of Pinterest and has been one busy girl uploading tons of pins already that express all the things that she loves most….animals, Pink Pistols, all things vintage and of course, Airstream trailers! Are you following her on Pinterest yet?

99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Best Country–01/07/2015

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