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Newbie Danielle Bradbery Takes ‘Online Comments’ With Grain Of Salt! [Podcast]

Danielle Bradbery is like most girls her age, and is very active on social media! She says that she loves reading comments and feedback from her fans about her music, like her latest single, “Young In America,” or her live show, but she admits that sometimes reading what people write online can be a bad thing…

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Avoiding Vacation ‘Stress Factors’ For Ladies

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun! The anticipation of an upcoming trip, having something to look forward to while working your butt off is another good thing about an upcoming vacation. But then there’s the upcoming vacation ‘stress factor’ that sets in. Looking good in a swimsuit is women’s main vacation stress – with one in 10 panicking about their body image more than four months before a trip.

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Tim McGraw’s ‘Softer Side’ Due To Houseful Of Girls!

Tim McGraw is a guy’s guy who likes guy things, but he says, “There’s a side of yourself that you don’t get to discover, unless you live in a house with three daughters and a wife. It brings a softness, I think, and it certainly brings a perspective.” Listen here as Tim explains….

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Chrysler Group SUV goes through the assembly line at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant  April 26, 2012 in Detroit

4 Day Work Week- Good Or Bad Idea?

Doctors, executives and human resource experts say a four-day workweek would be great for the American workforce.Some automakers are already on 4 day, 10 hour shifts and I can tell you that my sisters who both work at Ford love it! There are a lot of really good reasons that this is better for both employers and employees!

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Brad Paisley chooses aquatics! (‘Water’)

Brad Paisley Is Self-Professed ‘Water Lovin’ River Rat!’

Summertime is a great time for fun on the water, especially in the hottest ‘dog days’ of summer! Any kind of water works, in a pool, lake, river or even running through a sprinkler! Our favorite self-proclaimed “river rat” Brad Paisley says that’s just the kind of fun that inspired him to write his latest hit, “River Bank.”

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‘Little Things’ That Make Us Happy!

Finding a $5 bill in your pocket, sunshine and fresh bed sheets are among the little things in life that make us happiest! If you open your eyes and look around, chances are there are ‘little things’ in your path each and every day! What would you add to this list of ‘little things’ that make us happy?

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Jerrod was in California when he heard "Lover,Lover" for the first time on the radio

Jerrod Neimann Has Us Buzzin’!

Jerrod Niemann officially hit the airwaves this week with his new single, a song called “Buzz Back Girl.” And as it happens, “Buzz Back Girl” was co-written by someone who’s had a few hits of his own, Lee Brice, who also happens to be Jerrod’s best friend. Needless to say, Jerrod felt some good karma from the song right off the bat!

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Put Your Hand On The Kindle Instead Of Bible?

Is nothing really sacred anymore? Recently, an ambassador for the United States was sworn in on a Kindle version of the Holy Bible, prompting some to question if that was an acceptable decision. This really begs the question, with today’s technology, are there still things like a real paper Bible that should not be replaced with high-tech alternatives like a Kindle or Nook?

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Blowtorch To Kill Spider? Don’t Try This At Home!

OMG! Did you hear about this guy who went a bit overboard to kill a spider? A man who used a can of spray paint and a lighter as a makeshift blowtorch to kill a spider in his laundry room started a blaze that caused $60,000 worth of damage to his home!

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Linda Lee email

Email Tips: Short & Sweet Is Best!

Have you ever been at a restaurant table where everyone ordered a salad? A new finding may explain why this happens: When we order in groups, we like to be similar to our friends, even if it means ordering something we would not typically pick on our own…

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