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Get Your Birthday FREEBIES!

I must admit, FREE is my favorite F-word! So when your birthday rolls around, don’t be distressed that you’re another year older, instead you can celebrate with the FREE stuff you deserve on your special day! Check out all this ‘free stuff’ you can get on your birthday this year!

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Small Town Community Mourns After Historical ‘Unadilla General Store’ Burns To The Ground

This historical gem of a landmark in Livingston County actually survived a devastating tornado way back in 1918, one of only 2 buildings that were left standing in Unadilla Township. But yesterday a tragic fire encased The Unadilla General Store, and when it was all over there was nothing left except charred ashes. But within the ashes lies decades of memories for this small town and many surrounding areas in this lake community, including the Bruin Lake State Park located just around the corner.

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Carrie Underwood Has Lots Of Practice With Her ‘Fur-Babies!’

While Carrie Underwood is a soon-to-be mom, she’s already had a little practice being a mom to her beloved ‘fur-babies,’ Ace and Penny! The pair has earned a bit of celebrity in their own right, appearing in some of Carrie’s work — and they even have their own Twitter page! Check out her adorable little ‘fur-babies’ here too!

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OMG! This Dog’s Got Talent! [FUNNY VIDEO]

Of course I think that my three dogs are the smartest and funniest little dogs on earth, but after watching this video maybe I need to work on some new tricks with my mini-dog pack! Jaxson is a 4-year-old German Shepherd who seems to enjoy my favorite dance club song as much as I do!

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Garth Brooks Says Touring With Trisha Yearwood Makes Him Better! [LISTEN]

When two singers like Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are married, it might seem like a natural thing to go out on tour together. It makes sense if they want to spend time together versus apart and it country fans seem to like it too! But Garth tells us here that he had other reasons for wanting his world tour special guest to be his fabulous missus…

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Keeping Spending Secrets From Your Partner?

Keeping secrets from your partner is a slippery slope, and as someone once told me ‘if the truth does not come out in the wash, it will in the rinse!’ If you’ve ever hidden a purchase from your spouse, you’re not alone. If you have done this and maybe the ‘guilt’ is bothering you, misery loves company so check out how many other people admit to hiding expensive purchases from their significant other…

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Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Tells Jimmy Fallon His New ‘Whisper Challenge’ Is Stupid! [WATCH]

Maybe Jimmy Fallon should think more carefully about his guest that night, when he decides to debut a ‘new game’ on his Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! When Fallon asked Blake Shelton to play his new game called the ‘Whisper Challenge’ with him, of course Blake was willing to give it a try! But it did not go as well as Jimmy hoped when Blake flat out told him that his game was STUPID! But it was funny to watch…

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Best Way To Avoid IRS Audit?

You now have less than three months to prepare your 2014 tax return for the Internal Revenue Service. Doing taxes is a chore, and the the word “audit” sends shivers down some people’s spines. Besides being honest and not cheating on your taxes, here’s the best way to avoid an IRS audit!

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Brantley Gilbert Says “You Never Forget Your First!” [LISTEN]

You never do forget your first. First love, first car and just imagine what it would be like if you were a singer hearing yourself on the radio for the first time! Brantley Gilbert tells us here how he still remembers precisely where he was and what he was doing the first time he heard himself on the radio, and what a rush that was!

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It’s Easier To Get Healthy Together!

Don’t go it alone! Couples who decide to get healthy together are more likely to be successful. Researchers found people are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their spouse makes positive changes too. I just heard the most powerful statement last night that sums up how ‘working together’ with someone will take you much further than going alone…

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