A Fifth Of Jack (20 Random Facts about Jack Shell)

Jack and Karen Shell
Jack & Karen
Karen answered a Match.com ad I had online because she thought I was "funny," not because she had any interest in dating me... much less marrying me. Here we are on our 2nd wedding anniversary in 2011. She's my best friend, and I'd be nothing without her.
Peoria, IL
My Hometown - Peoria
This is my hometown, Peoria, Illinois. It's like a tiny Detroit. Here we build cars, there we build tractors. I am proud to come from a town where people work hard, and proud to work in one today. Growing up in such a place rubbed off on me.
Jack Shell
Cliff Shell
This is my father Cliff
I started going to work with him as a child which inspired the career I have today. I owe a lot to Dad.
Jack Shell
I <3 Pizza!
I love pizza. I would live on pizza... but not very long.
Jack Shell
I hate mayonnaise. I hate even saying mayonnaise!
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Homebrewing Bottling
Bottling Day
I took up homebrewing about four years ago. There is something very satisfying about creating your own beer. Yeah, it's cheaper probably to buy a six pack of Miller High Life (which I also enjoy), but to come up with a recipe and create your own brew is a lot of fun. I've only made one bad one... and boy, was it bad. Tasted like paint thinner.
Jack Shell
This is me and five and a half gallons of home brewed pale ale.
Jack Shell
Friday Fiesta Ritual
I call this Friday Fiesta. Karen and I love to go out for margaritas and Mexican food on Friday nights. It's our ritual.
Jack Shell
Kite Flying
I love kites
A cool breeze calls for kite day in the park. An activity I've enjoyed since I was a child. I own about five kites.
Jack Shell
I Has Lead Foot!
I have a bit of a lead foot, and have had many speeding tickets. Here's me collecting yet another one.
Jack Shell
Barbeque Ribs
Jack's Soon-To-Be-Famous-Ribs
If this radio thing dies, I will open up a barbecue place. My main passion outside of radio is cooking. I have perfected several barbecue recipes and love spending time by the smoker on the weekend. These are my soon-to-be-famous ribs.
Jack Shell
Guitar Playing
My Geetar
I started playing guitar when I was fourteen. Too bad I haven't gotten much better.
Jack Shell
Harley Motorcycle
Harley Wanted
I want a motorcycle so bad, but Karen's worried I'd kill myself on one. Before I am forty, I will have a Harley.
I should never dance. Never.
Jack Shell
Arguing. . .
Sometimes I get in arguments with inanimate objects.
Slot Machines
Love to Gamble
I like to gamble. Keep me away from the MGM Grand. Here I am in Vegas trying to hit the Jack-pot.
Jack Shell
Shoe Obsession
I have a lot of sneakers... I mean a LOT of them. This isn't even half of my collection/addiction.
Jack Shell
5 Hour Energy
I don't have an addiction to 5 Hour Energy... no, not at ALL!
Jack Shell
Good Luck Charms
Good Luck Charms
Three years ago, my wife gave me these little stones. I keep them in my change pocket every day, and since then, I've enjoyed incredible opportunities and successes. I also attribute those things to my wife. Do YOU have a good luck charm?
Jack Shell
Wedding Day
Best Day of My Life
August 1, 2009. The best day of my life. This is the day Karen and I got married in Key West on the same location I proposed to her a year before. She has made every great thing in my life happen and I am blessed to have her in my life. This picture defines us, because we make each other laugh all the time. When people ask me what the key to a great marriage is, I tell them "laughter... LOTS of laughter."
Jack Shell
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