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One Comment

  1. Melanie says:

    I’ll be honest and I probably shouldn’t post this, but Taylor needs to learn the art of singing. She more or less talks through her music and I’m not real fond of that at all. I wasn’t real fond of Willie Nelson either due to the same thing. Taylor thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips but she needs to think realistically and come down to the real world. I hope she does better in her singing over time, but if not then I will continue to not like her music. I’m not saying I don’t like her as a person cause I don’t personally know her. I encourage all you fams opf hers to enjoy her to the fulleast.

    1. Tom says:

      I’m Taylor Swift fan!!! not just a fan but a big fan and I like the way she singing and I think she is all that and bag of chips if you don’t like her you don’t like but don’t talk bad about her she is just a young girl doing some thing we all wish we could do.

      1. Melanie says:

        Well, that’s fine if you are a Taylor Swift fan, but I’m not and have the right top express my opinion on the subject just like you and anyone else does!!!! NO, she does not know how to sing!!! She talks out her songs, and has no tune!!!! I turn the radio and Tv when she sings any of her songs!!! There’s a lot of country singers that don’t care for her either!!! Besides that, I said I didn’t like her SINGING not anything about her as a person!!! Like I said, it’s my right to feel the way that I do and to express my opinion if nessessary!!! So, you go on listening to her, and being her fan!!! Also, I have no desire to try and become a singer, and never have!! She won’t last, but that’s just how I feel!!!!

  2. Tom says:

    thats fine if your not a fan but I’am and I do enjoy her singing didn’t want to make anyone mad just saying How I feel about her so I’m sorry if I made you mad didn’t mean to do that and I don’t care what some of the Country singing think about her they will just have to get over her taking awards away from them again I’m sorry didn’t mean to make you mad

    1. Melanie says:

      You didn’t make me mad per say,. I was just expressing my opinion in as nice of a way as possible. It’s not that the other singers are having a problem with Taylor taking awards, it’s they don’t like her style and sound. Well no harm done. We’re just 2 people that have our different views on Taylor Swift. As I said, enjoy her.

      1. Tom says:

        thank you I’m glad you are not mad sorry for I said . what did you think of to CMT Awards I didn’t like them I think Kid Rock messed it all and I didn’t enjoy it at all for I enjoyed seeing Tim & Faith Martina Reba Taylor but the rest not so much

      2. Melanie says:

        Like I said it’s water under the bridge . I missed the CMT awards and I rather upset that I did to. Ya I knew Kid Rock was suppose to be on there. He use to sing rap music when he first came out. Who won what awards? I could probably look it up on the net, but I figured I ask seeing I forgot all about it an my friend didn’t call to remind me they were on. I know the ACM I think it was Taylor got shut out completely. There was some people not happy about that, but others who were. You can never make everyone happy. I don’t like any particular singer. I have always went by whether I liked the song or not, and then I’d have to figure out who sang it if I didn’t know…LOL. There’s a few that I like in country music. Martina, Carrie, Trace, Blake, Sugarland, Maranda, and a few others. Well I’ll shut up now seeing I’m trying to writ a novel…LOL

  3. Tom says:

    Carrie won 2 Awards and don’t recall who out side Carrie you didn’t mess much it was rap and a lot of ____ I didn’t enjoy it and if its like that next year I’m going to turn it off for its Country not rap and the way I see it rap and rockroll is not country I’m 63 years old and I don’t like the way they did the CMT this year but again thats just me

    1. Melanie says:

      Well you have a point about rap not having any place on a country music awards show. The ACM awards arew all types of music I think. I had it mark on the calendar to watch but forgot about it an didn’t look at my caleander…lol. Doesn’t sound like I missed much either. I would have probably felt the same way. Ya know we should exchange email addresses, so we aren’t writing in public view…lol. Did Taylor win any awards?

  4. Grace says:

    She totally rocks in those new photo takes she just looks stunning! U ROCK TAYLOR!

  5. lawrence james grochulski says:

    thanks everyone:):):)

  6. maddiecutie2 says:

    She looks beautiful!

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