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Stupid News– Indian Wives Given Bats to Hit Their Husbands if They Get Drunk

Indian states have launched a crackdown on liquor in recent years leading to the allowance of using bats to hit husbands drinking alcohol.


*LIST* The Top Tourist Attractions For Spring

TripAdvisor reveals where most tourists will be going this season


Married Man Sends Hijack Hoax Email to Avoid Trip With Girlfriend

He really wanted to get away from her…


Running Just Two Hours A Week Could Extend Your Life

Researchers found that runners lived over three years longer than non-runners.


The One Move That May Help You Fall Back To Sleep

10% of the population has chronic insomnia and just can’t fall back to sleep at night.


North Carolina Girl, 5, Throws Costco-Themed Birthday Party

It’s what she wanted for her birthday…


WEIRD NEWS: Citizens May Get To Legalize Duels In Oregon

Be careful what you wish for…. Would you vote for this?


Man Collects Torture Devices

A man in Canada displays his collection of 220 antique torture devices around his apartment


Customs Officials Seize More than 40,000 Counterfeit Condoms

The counterfeit condoms were on their way to Puerto Rico.


Heaven: A Club For Bacon Lovers

You don’t need to be a genius to join BENSA, but you must love bacon.


High School Uses A Lottery System To Assign Prom Dates

Would you be upset if you couldn’t decide who your own prom date would be?


WTF Wednesday: Teenager Regrets Nothing After Fighting A Croc To Impress A Girl

An Aussie teenager says he knows people think he’s stupid, but he doesn’t regret doing battle with a crocodile to impress a girl


March 21st is Fragrance Day!

Today is World Fragrance Day!


Gross or Neat?: Woman’s Hair Measures 90-Inches-Long (VIDEO)

A woman with 90-inch-long hair has to spend an hour a day just brushing it


Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week: Babies Who Can’t Stay Awake – A Compilation

Aww! They’re cute, they’re adorable…they need a nap. Now.


People Flip When Mom Tries To Crowdfund Disney Vacay

When perfectly able people try to crowdfund their vacation, it doesn’t sit too well with the Internet.


Hometown Hero – Teen Plans To Give Most Of His Half Million Lottery Win To Parents

Best-kid-ever gives $500,000 to his parents


Bridesmaids: Here’s How Much You’d Earn If You Got Paid

Bridesmaids spend more than 40 hours on average helping the bride.


America’s Favorite Pie Is…

Yesterday was Pi day. A new Harris Poll uncovers which pie people love the most!


The Biggest Spring Break Destinations For Your Budget

TripAdvisor reveals the popular spring trips where you can get the most for your money


The “Good” News: Woman Tracks Down Kids Who Stole Her Windchime So She Could Forgive Them

A story about an honest kid, an understandable theft, and a compassionate victim.


Your Old Mascara Wands Can Help Rescued Animals

A North Carolina wildlife refuge is seeking donations of old mascara brushes.


Nature Documentaries Could Ease Anxiety From News Cycles

Study finds that nature documentaries can make you happier and less stressed.


There’s A Secret Tinder For The Rich And Famous

A-list celebs and execs have ‘Tinder Select’ so they don’t have to risk mixing with us common folk.


Carly Pearce Drops Video For Debut Single

Carly shares live performance of her new single, “Every Little Thing”


Air India’s All-Women Crew First To Circle Globe

A crew of all women sets a new record by flying an airliner around the world.


Surgeons Remove 915 Coins From Sea Turtle’s Stomach

Many Thais believe tossing coins on turtles will give them a long life


What Not To Do When You Break Up With Someone

Make things easier on everybody by avoiding these common breakup mistakes.


Jimmy Buffett-Inspired Retirement Home Set For Florida

Latitude Margaritaville is a Buffett-inspired senior living compound featuring booze and beach access


Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing Now

Napa Valley company is roasting coffee beans with wine to make a wine-infused coffee blend.




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