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Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week: Babies Who Can’t Stay Awake – A Compilation

Aww! They’re cute, they’re adorable…they need a nap. Now.


People Flip When Mom Tries To Crowdfund Disney Vacay

When perfectly able people try to crowdfund their vacation, it doesn’t sit too well with the Internet.


Hometown Hero – Teen Plans To Give Most Of His Half Million Lottery Win To Parents

Best-kid-ever gives $500,000 to his parents


Bridesmaids: Here’s How Much You’d Earn If You Got Paid

Bridesmaids spend more than 40 hours on average helping the bride.


America’s Favorite Pie Is…

Yesterday was Pi day. A new Harris Poll uncovers which pie people love the most!


The Biggest Spring Break Destinations For Your Budget

TripAdvisor reveals the popular spring trips where you can get the most for your money


The “Good” News: Woman Tracks Down Kids Who Stole Her Windchime So She Could Forgive Them

A story about an honest kid, an understandable theft, and a compassionate victim.


Your Old Mascara Wands Can Help Rescued Animals

A North Carolina wildlife refuge is seeking donations of old mascara brushes.


Nature Documentaries Could Ease Anxiety From News Cycles

Study finds that nature documentaries can make you happier and less stressed.


There’s A Secret Tinder For The Rich And Famous

A-list celebs and execs have ‘Tinder Select’ so they don’t have to risk mixing with us common folk.


Carly Pearce Drops Video For Debut Single

Carly shares live performance of her new single, “Every Little Thing”


Air India’s All-Women Crew First To Circle Globe

A crew of all women sets a new record by flying an airliner around the world.


Surgeons Remove 915 Coins From Sea Turtle’s Stomach

Many Thais believe tossing coins on turtles will give them a long life


What Not To Do When You Break Up With Someone

Make things easier on everybody by avoiding these common breakup mistakes.


Jimmy Buffett-Inspired Retirement Home Set For Florida

Latitude Margaritaville is a Buffett-inspired senior living compound featuring booze and beach access


Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing Now

Napa Valley company is roasting coffee beans with wine to make a wine-infused coffee blend.


Crying Over TV Shows Is Actually Good For You

It’s healthy to get emotionally involved with television shows.


This App Wants To Help You Through Your Breakup

Need someplace to turn for breakup support? There’s an app for that.


Pregnant Women Are Sticking Speakers “UP There”

Now you can stream music in your…you know


U.S. Spots To See Before You Die

Must see places across the United States by region.


Baby Already Has Hours Long Daily Beauty Regiment

Parents of a baby born with a full head of hair say it takes two-and-a-half hours a day to keep her mane under control


Do These Tonight, Wake Up Less Anxious Tomorrow

Simple steps you can take to set yourself up for a better day tomorrow.


A Reboot For “Happy Days?”

Ted McGinley would like to see “Happy Days” get the reboot treatment.


Weird or Wise?: Woman Marries Herself

Woman has given up on finding Mr. Right, instead throwing herself a wedding-themed 40th birthday


“Cookies For A Cause” Program Donates To Military And Local Heroes

Girl Scouts has a donation program to let you give cookies to hometown heroes, nonprofits, and others.


apollo moon mission

NASA Announces Winners of ‘Space Poop Challenge’

Five winners of the NASA space poop challenge have been announced.


The National Grocers Association Has Named The Best Bagger In The Country

A college student from Ohio beat out 22 other contestants to be crowned the country’s best grocery bagger


Man Accidentally Donates A Shirt With $8K In The Pocket

A man stashed $8-thousand in the pocket of a shirt he rarely wears…then accidentally donated it to Goodwill


Lauren Alaina Inspired By Luke Bryan

Lauren calls Luke “supportive” ahead of their tour together


Kip Moore Drops New Single “More Girls Like You”

Kip releases first single from his upcoming third album




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