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*LIST* The Top Baby Names Of 2017…So Far

Nameberry reveals the most popular baby names of the year


How Much It Really Costs To Be A Wedding Guest

New report reveals how much people spend going to weddings, and ways to save on those expenses


Genius Develops Drone That Can Plant A Billion Trees

Seed planting drone can go where no man can, plant ten times the seeds, and do it at one-fifth the expense.


Taking Vacation Leads To Better Office Performance

New report reveals that high performers take more vacation days than low performers


The Top Reasons Men & Women Cheat

Superdrug found the top reasons men and women cheat may not be what you think


Baby Born Mid-Flight Gets Airfare For Life

Jet Airways has given free airfare for life to a baby who was born on one of its flights.


Doctor Dad Wants to Stop Preteens from Using Smartphones

A doctor, who also happens to be a dad, is looking to stop preteens from using smartphones so much.


Stupid News– Michael Phelps Will Race a Great White Shark for Shark Week

In honor of shark week, Phelps is going to race a Great White!


Starbucks Has New Rainbow Drinks For A Great Cause

Starbucks is donating a portion of sales on their four most colorful drinks.


Geese Dump On Disneyland Guests…Literally!

There were 17 unlucky victims in an unscheduled Disneyland “show”


Stupid News– Man Loses 32 Pounds Eating Only Ice Cream for 100 Days

He ate only ice cream for 100 days and he still lost weight…


Craigslist Ad Calls For A “Barbecue Dad”

A group of 20-something guys posted an ad online looking for a real life dad to come to their barbecue and “talk about dad things”


Stupid News– Hot Air Balloon Crashes After Couple Gets Engaged on Board

Might be a sign for the engaged couple.


Real Life Royal Family Is Not Happy With Burger King

Burger King launched an ad campaign asking who the “real king” of Belgium is, angering the actual royal family


Man Wants To Use Juggling As Part Of His Criminal Defense

He is representing himself and asked a judge if he could juggle in court to prove he’s literally a clown


Anonymous Donor Gives Away Two $50k College Scholarships

An anonymous donor has pledged over $1-million in scholarships, for exceptional students from Washtenaw International High School


Can An Emoji Save Your Relationship?

A linguistics expert believes emojis can help prevent relationship misunderstandings.


Apparently The East Coast Knows How To ‘Pizza Party’

The world’s largest pizza delivery company releases some fascinating stats.


Now You Can Get Sound As A Tattoo

An app creates sound wave designs that will play music after people get the design as a tattoo


Stupid News– Indian Wives Given Bats to Hit Their Husbands if They Get Drunk

Indian states have launched a crackdown on liquor in recent years leading to the allowance of using bats to hit husbands drinking alcohol.


*LIST* The Top Tourist Attractions For Spring

TripAdvisor reveals where most tourists will be going this season


Married Man Sends Hijack Hoax Email to Avoid Trip With Girlfriend

He really wanted to get away from her…


Running Just Two Hours A Week Could Extend Your Life

Researchers found that runners lived over three years longer than non-runners.


The One Move That May Help You Fall Back To Sleep

10% of the population has chronic insomnia and just can’t fall back to sleep at night.


North Carolina Girl, 5, Throws Costco-Themed Birthday Party

It’s what she wanted for her birthday…


WEIRD NEWS: Citizens May Get To Legalize Duels In Oregon

Be careful what you wish for…. Would you vote for this?


Man Collects Torture Devices

A man in Canada displays his collection of 220 antique torture devices around his apartment


Customs Officials Seize More than 40,000 Counterfeit Condoms

The counterfeit condoms were on their way to Puerto Rico.


Heaven: A Club For Bacon Lovers

You don’t need to be a genius to join BENSA, but you must love bacon.


High School Uses A Lottery System To Assign Prom Dates

Would you be upset if you couldn’t decide who your own prom date would be?




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