What Not To Eat When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

When you’re expecting, there are lots of things you’re not supposed to eat or drink while baby is in your belly, but it turns out there are some things you should avoid when you’re trying to conceive. Some foods can affect your chance of conceiving, so it’s better to stay away from these when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Coffee – Before you panic, you don’t actually have to give up your beloved coffee altogether when you’re trying to get pregnant. But you should know that heavy caffeine consumption can cause fertility problems, so you’re better off limiting your intake to 200mg a day.

High-mercury fish – Fish like salmon is a great source of those important omega-3s, but when you’re trying to conceive, you want to avoid fish high in mercury – like shark, swordfish, and ahi tuna – since mercury can build up and hang around in your body for over a year.

Soy – Since soybeans contain a plant form of estrogen and too much estrogen can cause a hormone imbalance, which might affect egg production and ovulation, you’re better off steering clear of soy when trying to get pregnant. And make sure to read food labels closely because a lot of foods contain soy, like oils and protein bars.

Alcohol – You already know that you’re not supposed to drink while you’re pregnant, but it’s also a good idea to limit your intake when you’re trying to get there. Research shows that excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to a lack of ovulation and it can mess with your estrogen and progesterone levels. So give yourself a two-drink max when you’re trying to conceive.

Bacon – This one isn’t for the ladies, it’s actually men who should pay attention to how much processed meat they’re eating when trying to make a baby. A study from Harvard University finds that lower semen quality is linked to eating processed meats, like bacon. Sorry fellas.

Sugar – Eating too much of the sweet stuff leads to low blood sugar and that messes with your reproductive hormone levels. You want to keep those hormones balanced when you’re trying to get pregnant, so sadly, you’ll need to cut back on the sugar.

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