Hillary Clinton on Ellen: Donald Trump ‘Literally Stalked Me’ at Debate

The heat is on with the upcoming election.  Honestly I’m over it and all the drama.  When did the race to the White House become so seedy?!

After the second debate, social media was overwhelmed with comments especially the image of Donald Trump kind of lurking behind Hillary.  Turns out Hillary herself felt that way too!  Hillary spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on her show that she thinks Trump was trying to “stalk” her around the stage because he was so upset about the recently leaked Billy Bush video where he speaks very crudely about women.

“It was so odd, because I’d go to talk to somebody,” she continued, “and I would just feel this presence behind me, and you know, I thought, ‘Whoa this is really weird.’”

We can catch that interview when it airs today (Friday) Here’s your first look!


Hopefully you registered to vote!  America waits on pins and needles for this election to be over!

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