Meet Ken Bone, The Man Who Stole The Internets Heart At The 2nd Presidential Debate

Amid the depressing spectacle of Sunday night’s (October 9th) second presidential debate, the one bright spot for viewers was a man named Kenneth Bone, an undecided voter who asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question about energy policy, and launched himself into viral fame.

People loved not only Ken Bone’s earnestness, but his name, his red sweater, his glasses, and his mustache. And boosting the internet love even more, he was spotted on footage after the debate taking photos on stage with a throwback disposable camera.

By Monday, Bone was doing TV interviews — while wearing the red sweater — and explained that the look was actually his backup, because the pants of the olive suit he planned to wear split. IZOD, which makes the sweater Bone wore, got in on the fun with a tweet promoting it as the “Town Hall” look, and it was soon sold out. People were also tweeting about all the Ken Bone Halloween costumes we’re going to be seeing in a a few weeks.

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