Garth Brooks Trades a Mom M&Ms For a Guitar

On Sunday night, Garth Brooks took the stage for the last of his four sold-out shows in Fresno, California. When he looked out into the crowd, he spotted a sign that said, “Proud mom putting my kids on the path!” Knowing that Garth has a bit of an M&M addiction, the fan also attached a small bag of M&Ms to her poster, with an arrow pointing to the words “Vitamin M for you.”

Garth paused his show to thank the fan, named Tracey, for being a great influence on her children, saying, “It’s the greatest invention God ever created was children. I’m going to play you ‘Mom.’ And yes, I will take those M&Ms. Thank you very much.”

After serenading her with his beautiful ode to mothers, Garth did something she never expected: He gave her his acoustic guitar. Tracey later shared a heartfelt post on Facebook, thanking the country star for making the night one she will always remember.

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