Tim McGraw Calls Out Rowdy Fans “Don’t Be An Idiot” [VIDEO]

I just came across this video and I love how Tim McGraw called this fan out!   Country artist have been known to point out fans when they’re being rude or disruptive during a show.  Nobody likes that, especially the artist on stage!

“Let me tell you something… hold on,” Tim yelled out during a 2014 on his Sundown Heaven Town Tour. “If you stupid son of a b***hes don’t stop trying to fight. Don’t be an idiot. You’ve got a kid right here. C’mon! I don’t care if that’s your girl. There’s a kid right here. If you’re a good man then don’t be an idiot. It’s country music man. We are having fun. We all paid good money. We all work hard. Just enjoy yourself. “


What a guy!  Tim was able to get the fans to join together.

“Now that’s more like it,” he continues. “Shake hands and apologize, and let’s have a good time. I love my job.”

And that little girl became the luckiest fan in the crowd.

“Come here sweetheart – sit by me,” and on went the show!


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