Do Your Treat Your Pet Like A ‘Human’ Family Member?

You might think of cats and dogs as merely faithful companions but research shows that we are starting to treat them more and more like humans.I’m not gonna lie, I treat my three dogs like ‘family’ and they really are like my ‘furry kids!’ I used to dress them up for Halloween, mostly to see the joyful reaction the kiddies who were trick-or-treating, but I could tell that Priscilla pictured here in her Princess costume hated it, so I stopped doing it!

Happy 1 Month Birthday to our Yorkie Puppies!In the US, 90% of pet-owners regard their animals as part of the family. And $60 billion was spent on companion animals in the US alone in 2013. The implications of this are that we are treating our pets just like we would another human.

We spoil our dogs rotten too, spending a fortune on toys, treats and taking them on vacations with us too! We used to pay to have the little doggies fly on the plane to Florida with us, but when one of them developed ‘anxiety issues’ when traveling in a plane….we stopped doing that too! Now we all travel happily together in our motor home!

Why would you or would you not say that you treat your dog or cat like a human family member?

Can you go too far spoiling pets?

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Jeff works at a pet store, and says the ‘customer requests are sometimes outrageous!

Pet store worker hears it all!

wycdaudiobackground1 Do Your Treat Your Pet Like A Human Family Member?
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