Man Loses Everything Over A Twix Candy Bar!

Iowan Robert McKevitt says an attempt to get a simple candy bar ended up being a total catastrophe. Most of us have lost money in a vending machine that malfunctions, and it does set you off after you put your money in the dang thing and then get nothing in return. When you can see your candy bar just ‘dangling there‘ but not falling, it seems like human nature to give the machine a bump to get it to fall. But what this guy did over a Twix bar made him lose everything….

McKevitt inserted a dollar into a vending machine at the Polaris Industries’ plant where he worked as a forklift operator. The Twix he wanted got stuck, so he put in ANOTHER dollar, but nothing happened. As you can imagine, by now he is enraged. But instead of walking away mad and empty handed,  he used his forklift to pick the machine up, then dropped it from 2 feet off the ground.

The Twix finally came out, but a few days later, McKevitt lost his job over misconduct and CNN reports that the stress also ended his relationship with his girlfriend and caused him to have to move in with his brother. A judge has also denied his claim for unemployment benefits.

What stupid thing did you do when you lost your temper?

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