Rascal Flatts’ Rewind Radio Tour Brings Comedy & Country To Detroit

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(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

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By Steve Wiseman

Rascal Flatts joined the Dr Don Show with Rachael & Grunwald in studio today, Jan. 17,  promoting their latest single and upcoming album. The trio is out on their Rewind Radio Tour. This was first time in eight years that Gary, Jay, and Joe Don have been to the WYCD studio, so it was a true “rewind.”

The guys set the pace of the interview early, warming up with a beautiful version of Vince Gill’s “One More Last Chance” and Gary LeVox yelling “What’s Happenin’ Family?!”

Dr. Don asked Gary if he “had any good huntin’ stories” this year. “I really had another fantastic year,” said Gary. “A great hunt in Iowa, another great hunt in Missouri, great hunt in Illonis this year, killed some really good deer on my property in Tennessee — 12 total, so I had a great fall.” Joe Don responded, surprised, with “that’s a bunch!” This response led Jay to spontaneously erupt in song, singing “So we’re in a band with a murderer.”

“See, it just comes to us,” Jay said with a smile. “That’s how we write songs, the genius just pours out.” When asked if it was going to make the album, Jay responded “Yes, that’s a sneak peak.” Gary added “It’s gonna go “Rewind,” and then into “There’s a Guy In Our Band Who’s A Killer.”

When asked if Gary was still “the cool dad for being in Rascal Flatts?” he laughed and said “I’m barely hangin in.” Joe Don shouted he has “two more years,” since Gary’s daughters are 10 and 13 years old. Gary went on to say he “made it through Justin Bieber doing the song with him. I made it through the Hannah Montanna stuff, but I am losing out on One Direction. I think they might put me under…One Direction might end my reign.”

Dr. Don asked the guys to play WYCD’s favorite game, “In Your Pants.” The band takes their setlist and adds “in your pants” to the end of the songs. With songs like “Bob That Head” and “Praying For Daylight,” you can guess how hilarious the game was.

It wasn’t just Rascal Flatts songs that the guys played this morning. They played a quick version of “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield.

Gary, Jay, and Joe Don ended their time in the studio with WYCD by performing two of their hits, “Fast Cars and Freedom” and a special version of “My Wish,” which you’ll never see anywhere else.

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