Is There ‘Trouble In Paradise’ Over Your Dog?

Guys, when your wife comes home after a long day of work, does she spend more time chatting with you or cuddling with the dog?  There seems to me, that there may be some ‘trouble in paradise’ in these relationships, where according to a new study, 10 percent of women reportedly love their pet more than their husband!

Not only that, nearly four out of 10 women seek affection from their pet if they’re feeling ignored from their partner, and over half do so after an argument.

I recently overheard my husband  complaining to a group of our friends, that “our three dogs get more attention and lovin’ from my wife that I do!”  When I jumped into the conversation and asked him “Well when was the last time YOU were waiting at the front door for me when I walk in, waggin’ you tail and giving ME some lovin’ like THEY do?” …he suddenly was at a loss for words! LOL!!

Is your man a little jealous of your dog and all the attention you give them?

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