Dierks Bentley Gets Interesting Baby Naming Advice From Luke Bryan

Now that Dierks Bentley and his wife, Cassidy, have had time to absorb the fact that they are having a baby boy, the couple are in the process of coming up with names. Dierks got some unsolicited advice on that very topic from Luke Bryan, who recently called Dierks to offer congratulations.

Dierks tells The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald, “I’m not gonna try to talk like him but he was like, ‘Man, (laughs) Caroline and I just found out y’all were pregnant and I just wanted to all and congratulate you on being pregnant. It’s great,’ and I said, ‘Well, honestly, you’re gonna be the first person that knows this but I just found out we’re having a boy.’ ‘Man!! Let me tell you, just get ready to start living!’ He said something like that. I’m like, ‘I already got two girls. I’m living,’ you know? Just cause he doesn’t have any girls I guess he assumes you’re not living until you have a boy or something, but he just went on talking about it — ‘Man, you’re gonna have someone to go fishing with,’ and all this stuff. We were talking about names, and his advice on names is the name, whatever I name my kid has to sound like someone you’d get totally hammered with, so that’s the guideline. That’s the filter that all the names have to like flow through like so (laughs) that’s his criteria for names, so . . . Yeah, so maybe it’ll be Luke Bentley. I’ve been hammered with Luke many times.”

Dierks and Cassidy’s new bundle of joy will arrive this fall. He will join big sisters Evie and Jordan.

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