Hey Guys: ‘Yes Dear’ Does Not Cut It!

Staying happily married takes work, that is for sure! Most happily married men will tell you that is also true, that If Mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy! A new study may help give men a crucial insight, because simply agreeing with women in a bid to avoid conflict simply does not work. “Yes Dear” is one thing you don’t wanna say if you want to avoid conflict….

Researchers from The University of Arizona studied differences in communication styles and concluded that wives picked up on the fact that their husband’s “yes dears” and “uh-huhs” were disingenuous, which in turn aggravated and escalated the situation.

Apparently, 68 percent of men thought that saying “yes dear” would temper their other halves. Also, as a public service, using the word “fine” also escalates the situation.

So what is a good husband supposed to say? “I understand how you feel” is a good one! And “I’ll do whatever you need me to do Honey!” is another one that is music to my ears! My husband explained to me that I need to TELL HIM what I want him to do, not expect him to ‘know’ what I really want, because he is not a mind reader.  That really helped our relationship, as I did expect him to know when I needed help and just take the initiative and do things without me having to ask. But he was RIGHT…it is and was unrealistic of me to expect him to know how my mind works, because we are pretty much total opposites in how we think!

Guys: How do you keep the peace with your wife? 

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