Jake Owen’s Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘It Was Too Big To Tape’

The line of Downtown Hoedown meet-and-greet contest winners who wanted an autograph and picture from Jake Owen stretched into a line 40 minutes long, and Owen never wavered from his sparkling smile and polite “nice to meet you.”

He’s an all-around nice guy, country music scenesters say. In fact, his smile never slipped even when he had what many refer to as a wardrobe malfunction during a recent show. He revisted the situation in a pre-show interview at WYCD’s Downtown Hoedown Saturday night with Rachel Hunter and Rob Stone. See a photo gallery of his chat HERE.

“I split my pants, man, and I wasn’t wearing underwear because I don’t, really…” Owen said. “I felt a little cold draft of air, kind of swooped into my pants there and I realized at that point that I had a malfunction.

“The worst part I was still had half of that song to finish and a whole other song, if I had just left the stage (fans) would have been like ‘that’s BS’ … We tried to tape it, but it was too big to be taped.”

That’s when several people in the interview room whooped.

“I’m talking about the tear in my pants, it was too big to be taped!” Owen protested, laughing. “You guys, your mind is in the gutter here in Detroit.”

And then the talk turned to Vaseline. Specifically, the question was “What hair products do you use?”

Owen said he’s low maintenance. “I got here and I got out of the shower and my hair dried, when my hair dries it starts getting big,” Owen said, explaining he dipped into his wife’s bag to find something to help the situation. ” A little bit of Vaseline … I know it sounds weird, I put it in my hand, rubbed it together, it felt like pomade, and I put it in my hair.”

He added:  “When in doubt, use a little Vaseline.”

Owen became a Daddy last Thanksgiving when wife Lucy Buchanan Owen gave birth to baby girl Olive Pearl. The Florida native told People Magazine his pair of ladies make him a better man. And it certainly looked like a love match, with his wife dressed to the nines and carrying the baby through Hoedown in a pair of tiny pink headphones.

(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

“They go everywere with me,” he said, “We do a lot of fun things, hang out, it’s all good.”

“Anywhere With You,” was Owen’s latest single, released in 2013. His albums include “Startin’ With Me,” “Easy Does It,” and “Barefoot Blue Jeans Night.”

— Christy Strawser, CBS Detroit

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