Pistol Annies Explain How A Coons ‘Hillbilly Bone’ Is Actually A Good Luck Charm!

When you put three feisty girls together in Vegas, surrounded by “40 hot young boy,” the conversation can take some pretty funny twists and turns! Girls will be girls in Las Vegas, and the Pistol Annies are no different from any other close girlfriends who are having fun in a town that never sleeps! In less than 5 minutes, we found out that they have a new album called Annie Up coming out next month, Blake Shelton is not the jealous type, and a ‘coon hillbilly bone‘ is actually a good luck charm! Warning: Our ‘unedited’ interview with this hilarious trio is for ‘mature audiences’ only!

It was pretty funny to see how distracted Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angeleena Presley, aka ‘Pistol Annies‘ were by all the new “Boys Round Here” when they sat down to chat with Edwards & Lee during our ACM backstage broadcast in Vegas! All three were gushing about all the new young/hot  male country artists who were running around backstage, and when Chuck asked Miranda if she was just trying to tick off Blake Shelton, she said “No….he don’t care!”

DSC_0217While Miranda and Ashley both have solo careers in high gear, they still love performing and touring together as the feisty trio, and they are all excited about the release of their second album together, Annie Up, which will hit store shelves next month! But what really got our attention is when Angeleena explained how her buddy Kid Rock had no idea that the ‘little bone’ he wore along with a feather in his hat, is a ‘coon penis bone’ that is considered by hillbillies everywhere to be a ‘good luck charm!”

Do you have a good luck charm?

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