Eric Church Does ‘Weird Things’ While Writing New Songs!

I knew there was something very different about Eric Church when he sat down to talk to us last week in Las Vegas for the ACM Awards. He always looks good wearing his signature sunglasses, but he looked especially HOT, and when I said that to him he said “it must be the beard!” Listen to Eric describe to us during our interview, the ‘weird things‘ he does while in isolation while writing new songs…

DSC_0082It was actually pretty funny to hear this normally serious kind of guy describe the odd rituals he partakes in while songwriting in ‘isolation:’

DSC_0080I though only hockey players grew beards as a ritual of sorts, but Eric Church does the same thing. Maybe it’s a ‘Sampson’ kind of thing, like by letting your hair grow you draw strength! I have strange rituals while gambling, that I think bring me luck! Like when I am shooting craps and it’s my turn to roll the dice, I take a swig of beer,  a puff off a cigarette, then rub my butt with one hand and then throw the dice with the other hand! Gotta “drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke!” And I do it every time, the same way and I do think it helps bring me additional luck. If I forget to do it….I swear I will lose every time!

What strange ritual do you have that you believe brings you luck?

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