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Downtown Hoedown Artist Parmalee Follow Their Dreams

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Getty Image: Taylor Hill

Getty Image: Taylor Hill

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When Downtown Hoedown artist Parmalee started as a group, Matt Thomas went to the rest of the band to ask them if they were ready to take it to the next step. And even though they haven’t earned a lot of money performing together, Matt sticks by the decision he made to follow his dreams.

Thomas says, “When we named the band Parmalee back in 2001, I went to these guys and said ‘alright guys, you know, we’ve been playing cover songs our whole lives. Are you guys ready to make this jump?’ And we all said ‘yeah’ and from that point on we’re still broke… (Everyone laughs) But, you know, it was worth it. It got, you know… I think in my mind I definitely made that decision and I went straight for what I said.”

Parmalee takes the stage at the Downtown Hoedown on Friday May 31st along with X-Factor winner Tate Stevens and headliner, Uncle Kracker! Listen back to when Parmalee joined Rob Stone!

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