“Big Indian’s Kielbasa”: Super Easy Easter Side Dish Recipe!

My Dad, “The Big Indian” was the BEST cook ever and he taught me everything about cooking! Our families traditional  “Easter Dinner” always included this SUPER easy and delicious recipe for his “Big Indian’s Kielbasa”. This is SO delicious and always a crowd pleaser! It only takes about 10 minutes prep time and 6 or more hours cooking time! Here is the super easy recipe…

You’ll need:

A crock pot

2 packages of kielbasa (2 rings per package, 4 rings total)

1 large glass jar of sauerkraut

1 regular sized bottle of Open Pit BBQ sauce

1 large diced onion

1 can drained garbonzo beans (aka: chick peas)

Pepper to taste.

Pour whole jar sauerkraut into crock pot, juice and all. Mix in, drained garbonzo beans, diced onions, whole bottle BBQ sauce,  pepper and stir well. Cut kielbasa into 2 inch pieces, and add into crock pot. Put crock pot on HIGH for approximately 6 hours……you can turn it down to “serve” or low setting and cook even longer, won’t hurt it a bit!

From my family to yours: We wish  you a wonderful and Happy Easter!!  Sharing my Dad’s recipe with you is a great way for me to honor the memory of my Dad, as even though he has been in Heaven since 2009, the holidays are still hard to bear without him here with us.

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  • Ada

    Thanks for sharing your dad’s recipes, that what makes live grand all the small things in live, and putting a smile on someone else’s face.

    • http://lindaleewycd.wordpress.com Linda Lee

      You’re very welcome Ada! Thanks to my Dad “teaching me all his cooking tricks”, I think I am a pretty good cook!

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