Best Coworkers Ever! Would You Do This? [Take Poll Here!]

Workers at a real estate office in Florida are handing thousands of dollars of winnings to a co-worker who refused to contribute to their lottery pool.  Jennifer Maldonado had only been working at the realtor office for two weeks and didn’t have enough money to match the $20 other office workers had paid into the ticket-buying fund. But when the group WON the lottery, they decided to share with her anyway!

A day after the group won $1 million to be shared between 12, they decided to split their winnings further and opted to give Maldonado a cut so she wouldn’t feel left out! Seriously….who does this?

Do you think that your coworkers would do this for you? Here is the bigger question, and so you can be completely honest, you can just answer my poll:

Would YOU give a coworker some of YOUR lottery winnings, if they did not pitch in for the tickets?

Read more at Reuters

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