Keep It Positive And Gain ‘Followers’

Nobody likes a buzzkiller! If you are looking to increase the amount of Twitter followers that you have then you should tweet positive messages, write clearly and re-tweet interesting bits of news. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology studied half a million tweets by more than 500 Twitter users over 15 months looking for what people enjoyed most on Twitter and ‘positive stuff’ won followers hands down!

Findings showed that the Twitter users who posted the most cheerful messages, whose tweets were the most easily readable and who re-tweeted news gained the most followers. Nobody wants to be bombarded with negativity, even on Twitter!

It’s pretty much the same as when you walk into work when you are having a super bad day…woke up late, car would not start, kids gave you a hard time getting ready for school, whatever, we have all had those days! When one of your coworkers says “Good morning, how ya doing?” Trust me, they DON’T really wanna hear about your rotten day. They want to hear, “I’m great, how are YOU!” Plus, if you keep rehashing a bunch of negative stuff, it seems to attract even more! You’ve heard the old saying, “Fake it till you make it?” It really DOES work, smile even if you don;t feel like smiling and count your blessings instead of your pitfalls! Just let it go, and start on a new positive path, even after bad things happen!

I have gotten to a point in my life, where I just want to surround myself with positive and happy people, who make the best out of the ups and down we all have in life, And truth be told, I have ‘weeded out’ some negative people who used to create drama in my life, simply because they are caught in a negative web and constantly complaining about everything. I said a silent goodbye to all the buzzkillers who were stealing my joy with their negative outlook and need for constant drama!

Have you been eliminating ‘negative people’ in your life and on Facebook & Twitter too?

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