Looking For Love? It May Be At Walmart!

I could not believe this story when I saw it this morning on the news, but apparently the most likely place to find love at first sight is at Walmart. Well at least that’s according to Psychology Today magazine. They performed a study of ‘missed connections’ posts on craigslist, which is when people try to track down a stranger that caught their eye and the results were that more people thought they saw their future spouse at Walmart than anywhere else in 15 states.

I’ve got one thing to say to that. PEOPLE OF WALMART.COM! If you’ve seen the site you know what I mean. I’m not saying that people who go to Walmart are bad because I can admit to shopping there sometimes myself, but I just cannot imaging finding my future lover there. I can just see it now. “Hey grandpa, where did you and grandma meet?” “Well we met at a very special place called Walmart. I was shopping for underwear and she was in line at the pharmacy.”

Although Walmart is high on the list of spots to find love at first sight in New York it was the Subway and in California it was the popular gym 24 Hour Fitness. So now of course I have to ask the question. Have you ever met anyone you’re now or have been romantic with at a Walmart? Don’t be shy. I’ll go easy on you. Leave a comment below or call 313-298-1999.


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