Hundreds Attend Royal Marines Funeral After Faebook Invitation [Video]

When 70-year-old James “Jimmy” McConnell passed away last month at a care home in Southsea, Hampshire, he left behind no known family members. A post on the Royal Marines Association Facebook page invited folks to attend the military funeral. They never expected that 100’s of people who had never even met Jimmy would show up, but that is exactly what happened in this heartwarming story!

The nursing home staff was concerned that staffers and a handful of friends would be the only ones to see the former royal marine off, so Reverend Bob Mason, asked the Royal Marines Association to spread word of McConnell’s funeral in the hopes that a few long-lost family members might show up. They certainly did not expect that crowd that did show up, hundreds of people along with the Royal British Legion standard bearers, a procession of flag-bearing motorcyclists, and even two Royal Marines Band buglers who performed the traditional military funeral bugle call “Last Post.”

Mourner Danny Marshall, a former Royal Marine himself, said that when they said that Jimmy did not have any family members, they were wrong as he pointed out:

  “The corps family is bigger and better than most people would know about. We are all family and always will be.”

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