The ‘Well-Behaved Kids’ Restaurant Discount

Coming from a family with nine kids, I remember what a big deal it was for us all to go ‘out to eat’ as a family! I also remember my Dad’s warning before we entered the restaurant, “You all better behave, or you will not get to go out to dinner with us all ever again!”  News now, that some restaurants around the country are offering diners a discount for well-behaved kids. Perhaps more parents would be motivated to keep unruly kids under control if a discount was on the line?

But is it that simple? Yes, we’ve all encountered obnoxious, screaming, crying kids and thought, “Why did their parents bring them here?”

But for anyone who’s a parent, you know how difficult it can be to predict if and when a tantrum is coming. If the unexpected happens in a restaurant, I personally think it is the parents responsibility to remove the unruly child from the restaurant as soon as possible! Agree or disagree?

What do you think? Should diners be rewarded for having good kids?

Read more at the Boston Globe

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