High Cost Of Being In The ‘Wedding Party’

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It really is a huge honor when a family member or friend asks you to stand up in their wedding! But these days, the cost of being in the ‘wedding party’ seems to be skyrocketing!  As wedding season looms on the horizon there is bad news for maids of honor, bridesmaids and best men everywhere as it is revealed that the cost of being part of the ceremony just keeps on rising. Take a guess what the average person will spend?

The average person spent over $1,000 in 2012 helping family and friends celebrate their big day. Cha-ching…that is a LOT of money!

A new survey has revealed that we splash the cash on parties, presents, accommodation and travel throughout the wedding calendar with women spending around 19 percent more than men. I’m not sure if this even includes the ‘wedding shower’ expenses or the bachelor & bachelorette parties! My daughter recently stood up in her sister’s wedding, and I know it cost my daughter a small fortune!

If you added it all up, how much did you spend to be in the ‘wedding party?’

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