Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think!

Anyone who owns a dog will attest that dogs are super smart, and with repetition and lots of love and rewards, can learn just about anything!  I thought  it was super cool, training my little Yokies to ‘ring a bell’ by the door when they wanted to go outside and go potty. It only took a week or two for them to catch on, and they still ring the bell when nature calls! Academic Brian Hare, who founded Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center, has published a book about what’s really going on behind their doggie stares, titled The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think.

Hare says that long gazes from canines do serve a purpose on their end, in creating a “bonding response” with their owners. Hare also says:

“When dogs are looking at us like that, it’s creating a physiological change in us, there’s an increase in oxytocin, the hug hormone … it’s one of their superhero powers.”

We’ve heard stories of dogs saving family members a zillion different ways, and also how dogs have alerted owners of illnesses before they even knew they were sick.

What’s the most amazing thing your dog has ever done?

Read more at Duke University Canine Cognition Center

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