Save Money By Avoiding Grocery Store ‘Placement Trick’

I joke around that I am a ‘top-shelf’ kind of girl! But that applies to liquor, not groceries. I am all about saving money, and I buy my Kroger brand products over name brand products 99.5% of the time! Finding out that all grocery stores employ a whole arsenal of clever tricks in an effort to get you to buy more stuff than what is on your list, makes being aware of these tricks important. When you walk down the aisles, you should know that the way products are arranged on shelves is very strategic! Wanna save money? Check this out…

The more expensive, brand-name items tend to be at eye level, while the less expensive, generic varieties may be on the bottom or the top shelf. Take time to look up and down to find bargain alternatives, if the name brand items are not on sale.

Bottom-shelf items often cost 50% less than their upstairs neighbors. I know I will be looking a little more closely at the bottom shelves from now on. How about you?

I have a hard time sticking to just my ‘grocery list’ and I often times spend MORE on ‘impulse purchases’ that what I went to the grocery store to get in the first place.

What ‘tricks’ do you use to save money at the grocery store?

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