Hugs Can Be Really Powerful Or Really Creepy!

I personally think hugs are great! I like to give and receive a good hug, and it seriously makes me feel better if I am bummed about something. Hugging a loved one isn’t just a great way to bond – it has several physical benefits as well. Scientists found that the hormone oxytocin was released into the blood stream when you hold a friend close. This lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and can even improve your memory!

However, you have to be selective over who you hug. Giving a polite embrace to someone you don’t know well can have the opposite effect and increase your stress. Sometimes it does feel a little creepy if someone you don’t really know tried to give you a ‘close hug’ that lasts a little too long. You know that feeling….it’s just plain icky!

Linda hugging JackAnd there are those like Jack Shell who admit they HATE to be hugged for any reason! They literally cringe when someone tries to hug them

How do you react when you receive a hug from someone that you don’t know well, or, at all?

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