See How Miley Cyrus Shed Her Bra & Disney Image All In One Fell Swoop!

Miley Cyrus is all grown up and makes no bones about who she is now, versus who she was back when she was one of Disney’s biggest stars on her own Hannah Montana show! I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about whether her cover shot in the March edition of Cosmopolitan magazine is appropriate or not.  I think that Miley has shed her bra and ‘Disney image’ all in one fell swoop. Check out the magazine cover here and see for yourself…

Check out Miley Cyrus as the March ‘cover girl’ on Cosmo first, and then let’s talk……

Click here to see the grownup Miley Cyrus flashing her bare breasts on the cover of Cosmopolitan on Star Online

Just my ‘opinion’ here…but Miley is 20 years old now and not a kid anymore. I think it is hard all the way around for childhood stars as they grow up and evolve in the public eye. Think back when you were 20 years old and just starting to figure out ‘who you really are!’ Miley has taken a lot of guff for some of the immature choices she has made, and like almost ALL teenagers, she has made some mistakes. But overall, I think she has grown up and matured a lot in the past year or so and young women in their 20’s can relate to her and her budding sexuality.  She has stood up against those who judge her, and speaks out against bullies and those who criticized her and others over stupid weight issues.

By: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

By: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

I say go for it Miley, you look amazing and you will only be 20 once! What 20 year old would not be thrilled to be the ‘cover girl’ on Cosmopolitan!

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