‘Change’ Coming To An ATM Machine Near You

Well it’s about time! Not everyone who needs money out of their checking or savings account in a pinch has $20 in there, especially the day before payday! The days of being forced to withdraw 20 bucks from an ATM are coming to an end for some customers. ATMs capable of dispensing one and five dollar bills are popping up across the country. Chase and PNC are rolling out the new machines that hand out exact change down to the dollar and may soon dispense coins….

I am guessing that if Chase and PNC start doing this in their ATM machines, most other will soon follow suit. It makes sense to keep the customers happy for sure. There is nothing worse than having money in your account and not being able to access it when you need it most!

I bet I an not the only person who has screamed profanities at an ATM machine (when nobody else was around of course!) when what I all me “Auntie Em” will not allow me to withdraw money from my own account! I learned the hard way, that there is a ‘daily limit’ as to what you can withdraw on most ATM machines too. The banks sure don’t set any ‘daily limit’ on what we can DEPOSIT in our accounts! And either the money is in our account or not, so why should there be a limit in the first place as to what you can take out on a daily basis?

How often do you use an ATM? Worst ATM horror story?

Info courtesy of 9wysr.com

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