Adding Second Master Bedroom: Good Or Bad Idea?

By the year 2015, he U.S. National Association of Home Builders believes the demand for two master bedrooms in upscale homes will increase significantly. Why the double room, single occupancy? People want a good night’s sleep even if it means spending the night apart from their spouses. I think separate bedrooms can be a good or bad idea, depending on ‘why’ you want one to begin with.

If you just don’t wanna be near your spouse, that is not good. But if you still have an intimate relationship, and in order to get a good nights sleep in your ‘own room,’ it might be better for your relationship in the long run. Some people, like maybe my husband,  get pretty cranky when they don’t get enough sleep!

75% of adults have sleep problems like snoring or waking up during the night so it’s no wonder more couples are splitting up for sleep, even if they’re perfectly happy together when the sun’s up

What is your philosophy of sleeping in separate bedrooms? Think you ever will?

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