American Idol ‘Dueling Diva’s’ Is A Big-Fat Lie!

I fell for this one, hook, line and sinker! Everyone knows that Mariah Carey is the ‘diva’ of all diva’s. When American Idol added pop’s newest diva, Nicki Minaj to the judges table, and all the publicity prior to last night’s debut about how the ‘dueling diva’s’ were at each others throats, I thought it was probably true. I even felt sorry for poor Keith Urban who was repeatedly shown in the seat between Mariah & Nicki, looking uncomfortable. But after watching last night, I think this was all one big-fat publicity lie! What do you think? Take my poll here…..

I was sure that I would not like either one of the new female judges and maybe that is why I made a point of watching, just to confirm my gut feeling. But what became glaringly obvious to me, was that I had been completely duped about both Minaj and Carey and the supposed major rift between the two. It appeared to me that this was all a well staged act to garner even more publicity for the 2013 season on Idol, after Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler left at the end of last season. This ploy worked on me, but their ‘acting’ was not believable to me at all. What do you think after watching Idol last night?

Do you think the ‘dueling diva’s’ is all a big-fat publicity lie too?

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