Phones Are Now Affecting Relationships In A Bad Way!

I can totally relate to this! My husband and I got new ‘smartphones’ almost a year ago, and at first we both hated them. We were both used to just using a phone to call or text people, not go on the internet, check Facebook and Twitter.¬† While this new technology allows us to be constantly connected to the world, but it can also make us even more disconnected from each other. Studies suggest that cell phones can distract our attention from the present moment. Like paying attention to our spouse or significant other! Is that happening in your relationship?

And that’s a problem, considering the results of the Mobile Mindset Study, a recent survey that found three out of five U.S. smartphone users don’t go more than hour without checking their gadgets.

I find myself competing for my hubby’s attention now more than ever. We used to chat while driving together in the car…before we got these phones. I have told him that I feel neglected when he goes on his phone instead of talking to me, but he still does it. Not gonna lie about getting mad when he will check his phone in the middle of dinner. Is nothing sacred anymore?

How do you avoid putting  a phone above the people you are with?

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