Kelly Ripa Not Afraid To Admit She Uses Botox!

While many women in Hollywood would never admit to going under the knife or using Botox injections to keep a more youthful appearance, Kelly Ripa isn’t bashful about not relying on the ‘natural aging process!’ The 42-year-old talk show host, who looks better than most women 10 years her junior, admits to Elle that she indulges in injections, including Botox, to keep her skin from sagging and also to remain sweat-free during workouts!

I like the fact that Kelly is honest, it’s part of what makes her so relatable to women like me. While I have not used Botox myself, if I was on television where appearance matters so much more, I probably would do it too! And oh yeah…..the money, comes into play too.  I know it is not cheap to get Botox and it only lasts about 6 months, so once you commit to using it, you probably need to continue with the twice yearly regimen and be able to afford to do so too!

Ripa tells Elle that she uses Botox on her armpits to eliminate sweating and on her eyelids, which otherwise, tend to sag down onto her eyelashes. She says that it makes her eyes look more ‘open’ which looks better on TV too.

Who says ‘aging naturally’ is better than using Botox or having plastic surgery? I say whatever makes YOU feel the best is what is right for YOU!

Would you use Botox if you could afford it?

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