3 Nasty Habits Sabotaging Your Dieting Efforts!

The holidays are probably the worst time to try and lose a few pounds. In fact, it is super easy to gain a few pounds during the period between Halloween and the new year! If you are trying to lose a few pounds, you may not realize that there are small actions that can add on a large amount of weight without you even realizing what you’re doing wrong. The following are just a few nasty habits that could be making you gain weight….

Speedy Meals – The truth is, even if you’re eating healthy foods, eating too quickly can cause you to gain weight. The reason is your stomach doesn’t have time to relay signals to your brain that you’re getting full and you continue to eat until you’re stuffed. Instead of wolfing down your lunch, take time to enjoy each bite.

Altering the Truth – You’re adding up your calories and you estimate that the amount of fries you had at lunch was no more than a small order. In reality, you ate a large order. The easiest way to be honest with yourself is to record things as they happen.

Eying Your Portions – You know you should be measuring your food, but you’ve been doing that for several months and can judge what a portion size is — or so you think. This actually happens to many people on weight loss plans. To make things easier, keep measuring cups in certain items, such as bags of cereal and snack mix. You can also serve your side dishes in custard cups, which measure 4-8 ounces.

Info courtesy of thenutritionpost.com

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