Kid Rock ‘Happy New Year’ Video Features Surprise Cameo

When it comes to wishing fans a “Happy New Year,” it should come as no surprise that Kid Rock has his own style.

That is, if you can call drinking bourbon straight from the bottle while dressed in a sparkly gold suit in a VFW hall “style.”

Kid Rock’s new video for “Happy New Year” includes all those things, along with some impressive breakdancing and even a cameo appearance by Cindy Crawford. She looks great, of course–and as the video’s director Jameson Stafford wrote on his Facebook page, “you should have seen her in person,” because it “felt like everyone on set just stopped when she walked in – she just had this surreal glow.”

“Happy New Year” is from Kid Rock’s November, 2012 album Rebel Soul.

(To see the unedited version and official Kid Rock video, click here!)

If you’re as impressed as we are with the breakdancer’s skills, his name is David Shreibman, and he goes by the name Kid david.

A couple other country songs come to mind when watching “Happy New Year.” You know the one where the girl gets more attractive the more you drink? Check out Jeff Foxworthy in the Alan Jackson video for “I Don’t Even Know Your Name.”

Or the one where you had too much tequila and now you don’t even know your “Last Name?” Thank you, Carrie Underwood.

[PHOTOS] Kid Rock’s New Year’s Eve Celebration!

– Nanci Haskin, 99.5 WYCD/Detroit and Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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