You Are What You Eat!

If ‘you are what you eat‘….I wonder how many kids are basically a chicken nugget? Does not seem like much of a surprise that by a broad comparison of U.S. dietary standards and real Americans’ eating habits found that people fall short of nutritional recommendations overall – and some groups are worse than others. I for one am guilty of eating a pretty unhealthy diet, until recently when I became very ill, and now have to follow a far more strict diet in order to feel good! The good news is that kids in general probably eat the healthiest….

Researchers said that children and the elderly seemed to eat a healthier diet than younger and middle-aged adults, and women had a better diet than men. If men ‘are what they eat’ then lots of guys are probably ‘beer & pizza!’

It’s hard to change your eating habits, but not impossible. I had to give up a lot of things I love, like nuts, seeds and corn. And I have to eat a high fiber diet too, if I want to stay healthy and feel good, which of course I do! But truth be told I probably would not have started a more healthy diet plan if I had not gotten so sock!

Who is the worst eater in your family and why do you say that?

Info courtesy of Positive Prep LLC

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