Does Misplaced Cell Phone Equal Freak-Out?

Be honest here. Have you ever misplaced your cell phone and had a total meltdown until you located it? It’s no secret that cell phones are our lifelines: We do pretty much everything on them. But a new Baylor University study shows that over-using our phones is actually a sign of materialism and impulsiveness that’s similar to vices like compulsive buying and credit card misuse.  Don’t believe it? Misplace your cell phone just once and see what happens!

I am guilty of freaking out when I misplace my cell phone too. One time I could not find it for almost 24 hours and was about to go buy a new one, when I finally found it, sitting on top of my truck lid of my car. Thank God it was in the ‘groove’ right next to the back window, right where I set it before getting into the car and driving home from a friends house. My friend lives about 15 miles away from my house, and all after driving all the way home on winding back roads, it was a miracle it did not fall off of the car!

My husband is the worst at misplacing his phone and he totally panics until he finds it, calling it from my phone and pacing around the house like a maniac until it is safely back in his addicted hand!

Do you someone who freaks out on a pretty regular basis when they ‘misplace’ their cell phone?

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