Fill In The Blank: “My Husband Would Lose His Man Card If Anyone Knew ______”

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We had a blast with this topic on our show.  It’s really hard to find a guy who hasn’t – at one point or another – done something that’s very …un-GUY-like. For me, it’s tearing up every time I see the Budweiser commercial from 9/11 where the Clydesdales kneel before the New York Skyline. Heck, I’m doing it just typing this.

Here are some of the great answers I got on my facebook page:
Michelle A King: That he folds laundry better than me
Geoff Breedwell: he knows more about ARMY WIVES than I do…He’s giving ME spoilers to TWILIGHT… (I’m not a wife, but still.)

Penny Hedman: He cleans the house because he does it better than I do….

Tatum Guerra: That he really enjoys watching Glee….

Dawn Cuthbertson: not only does he watch Hallmark channel xmas movies, but he cries to them

Linda Graves Johnson: Met a male friend on fb and sat with him 4th row for a Carrie Underwood concert. ((the guy’s wife was sick and couldn’t go.))

Sherry Taylor Pierce: he’s been caught watching the Kardashians……he flips the channel real quick when he sees me coming but I know what he’s been watching.

Tracey Campbell: im not married…but that he once cut hair and that he knows purses by site. LOL

Rhonda Dawson Brooks: is totally addicted to pinterest.

Becky Bliss: that my hubby cant wait for Halloween every year to dress like a woman and even goes as far as to shave his legs!!

Your turn!!  Click “comments” and add your own.

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