What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You!

Your Thanksgiving food says a lot about you! Most of us will sit down with family and friends and enjoy a nice turkey dinner with all the fix-in’s, like stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and of course the ‘green bean casserole’ that we probably only eat this one day out of the year! My immediate family consists of 38 people, so it is pretty chaotic when we all sit down together for our holiday meals. And it never fails no matter how many I make, there just are not enough deviled eggs to go around and that is when the first argument usually starts! YOUR favorite Thanksgiving dinner food actually says a lot about you as a person, check it out…..

Here’s what it says about YOU if you’re favorite food is:

Stuffing: You’re bursting with flavor and complications. And you’re sneaky—people sink their knives into turkeys and then BOOM, there you are, changing the whole picture.

Canned Cranberry Sauce: You’re like a surprise sugar rush. You are sure of yourself, you know that yes, you are weird, and you don’t care.

The Turkey: School can be one big popularity contest sometimes, and when it is, you’re winning. You’re the center of everyone’s attention, and people even fight to be your friend.

Brussel Sprouts: You’re more mature than your classmates, and you’re maintained your maturity since you were just a tot.

Green Bean Casserole: You’re the non-conformist, friends with everyone. People might not know what to do with you at first, but once they meet you, they know that you’re they’re kind of friend.

Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes: You’re the class clown. But unlike other goofballs, you have this mature side, chock-full of vitamins.

Mashed Potatoes: You’re like a big teddy bear—huge, yet approachable. You might not be the quickest or the sharpest, but you have a huge heart, and make everyone happy.

Dinner Rolls: You know yourself—there’s no need to experiment with stuff you know you’ll dislike. That’s just how you roll.

Pie: People love you because you’re fun, sure, but you’re also a reliable sweetheart, who listens to your friends when all is said and done.

What? Deviled eggs did not make this list? I guess that means I belong to an entire family of freaks, who fight over who is being ‘greedy’ and taking too many!

What seems to be the biggest hit on your Thanksgiving dinner table?

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