Top 5 Reasons Kissing Is Good For You!

What makes the entire world melt away, gives you butterflies in your stomach, and makes your heart giddy with desire? A kiss, of course! But there’s more to kissing than just a quick thrill and a little bonding with someone special. Kissing is not only fun and exciting, it also provides a range of health benefits, and the ‘Top 5’ reasons that kissing is good for you are….

1) Your pearly whites stay cleaner. Though it’s certainly no replacement for brushing your teeth, kissing can break down oral plaque and prevent cavities by stimulating the creation of saliva, which helps wash bacteria away from the tooth’s surface.

2) Keep a younger-looking face as you age. Ever notice how happy, loving couples still retain an air of youth, even as they grow older? The answer could be down to frequent kissing.

3) A revved-up metabolism. In addition to providing a facial workout, kissing can also help you lose inches from your waistline, too. As you lean in for the kiss, you may feel as though your heart’s racing. It’s not just your imagination; it is beating faster.

4) Your immune system gets a healthy boost. Just like working out, kissing can boost your immunity.

5) Improved mood and decreased stress levels overall. Kissing releases nature’s antidepressant oxytocin.

I am assuming that all these apply when the person you are smooching is a good kisser!

What do you think is the BEST thing about kissing?

Information courtesy of “Positive Prep” Sharp Media LLC

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